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Mja Inc Investigations

This Case became our 96th Case on 3-26-18..

MISSING : Ashley Morris Mullis

The 27 year old white female & a mother of 3 children Vanished Without A Trace on 9-19-13 from Royerton Indiana located in Delaware County Indiana..

Mullis was last seen in Royerton Indiana on 9-19-13..

The 27 year old was separated from her husband who is the Father of 2 of the children..

Ashley Morris Mullis was last seen by her boyfriend's family...

The York Family & Ashleys boyfriends name was Daniel York Sr.

Due to a miscommunication between the York family & the Morris family Ashley wasn't reported missing for weeks after she disappeared...

The Truth of the matter is The York Family was misleading the Morris Family & was trying to put them off in taking any action at that time..

Ashley's loved ones don't believe she would have walked out of her life & abandoned her three small children which included a two-week-old baby..

The youngest Child was a product of an affair between Ashley & married Daniel York Sr. who's wife knew about Ashley & the Child...

After Ashleys Disappearance Mr. & Mrs. York took the infant Child & moved to Sarasota Florida..

On 9-15-15 Daniel York Sr.the Father of the Child died in the Sarasota Memorial Hospital..

In 2016 Mr.Yorks Wife adopted the Child & she is no Blood Relation to the Child..

The Child's Blood Relation was never notified about the adoption so there was no one there to contest the adoption..

The Parents of Missing Ashley & the Blood Relation Grandparents to the Child would have contested the adoption..

In the eyes of Mr.& Mrs.Don Morris the adoption was done illegally & the adoption should be unsealed & overturned...

The Morris's wants their day in court to contest the adoption..

Mr.York was the prime Suspect in Ashley's disappearance & he was also a Suspect in the death of a female in a Motel Room..

Any one who Info on this case please contact The Deleware County Indiana Sherrif's Office..


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The Death Investigation Of Marcus Merritt Sr.

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Mja Inc Investigations

We want to Thank the Host Celeta McCall for having us on her show ..

Mja was honored to be on this live Podcast on 1-31-18 about the death of Marcus Merritt Sr..

The link is down below & please share this story..



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Mja Inc Investigations

I watch these two Video’s every week sometimes several times a week..

Just a few funny moments to lighten the day & maybe its because I can relate to these Video’s..




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Mja Inc Investigations

The numbers below are our Public Record Files that Mja releases every year..

At this time Mja has 44 staff members but only 32 staff members are active at this time due to personal leaves..

At this time Mja is working on 95 cases covering 12 States..

All figures are work related for 2017 :

Mja E-Mails : 1,275,905

Phone Hours : 8703

Research Hours : 108,070

Mja Postings on Web-Sites : 1103

Mja Podcast Production Hours : 136

2017 Phone Staff Meetings One on One Hours  : 726

2017 Mja Webmaster Hours : 912

Hours of Travel : 140

Miles of Travel : 6,716

Search Man-Hours : 2,730

In 2017 Mja had "  186,225  " visitors at our web-site located at :


In 2017 Mja NY Staff Traveled to only 2 States..

Those States were Vermont--New Hampshire..

4 Trips to New Hampshire

3 Trips to Vermont

In 2017 Mja IN Staff Traveled to 2 States...

Those States were Michigan & Ohio..

6 Trips to Michigan

6 Trips to Ohio

Even though the States traveled is down for 2017 we worked alot of area's in Indiana--Michigan--Ohio--Vermont--New Hampshire..

Mja Money Spent for 2017 to operate Mja : $ 3,998.00

The 32 active Mja staff members for 2017 averaged paying $ 125.00 for the year 2017 to carry out our work..

32 Members X  $ 125.00 = ==== $ 4,000.00


In 2017 Mja Spent : $ 3,998.00

In 2017 Mja made $ 15.00 selling items on our web-site at our Mja Gift Shop..



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Mja Inc Investigations

The 5 New Case Files are done & we started working on the Cases on 12-2-17...


MISSING : Janis Kay Sanders - Michigan

Mja Date : 12-2-17

Mja Case File I.D. : JKS--091


MISSING : Bernice Charlotte Gray - Michigan

Mja Date : 12-2-17 

Mja Case File I.D. : BCG--092


MISSING : Daisy Belle Marshall - Indiana

Mja Date : 12-2-17

Mja Case File I.D. : DBM--093


MISSING : Trudy Leann Appleby - Illinois

Mja Date : 12-2-17

Mja Case File I.D. : TLA--094


MISSING : Heather Dawn Mullins Zimmerman

Mja Date : 12-2-17

Mja Case

File I.D. : HDMZ--095


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Mja Inc Investigations



Mja is joining in on the search of 5 new Missing Persons Cases that will be added to our Case Files.. When we get these Cases added Mja will be working on 95 Cases covering 12 States..


Photo's concerning these Cases have been posted in our Mja Photo Gallary :

Under : Mja Inc Investigations Case Photo's -- 2

Starting Photo : 73


Ending Photo : 90


CASE -- 1

MISSING : Janis Kay Sanders

The 24 year old White Female went Missing on July 20, 1975 from Niles Michigan located in Berrien County..

Janice Sanders was last employed as a waitress at Pete's Patio Restaurant in the city of Niles..

The 24 year old was last seen leaving this location during the late evening hours of July 20, 1975...


CASE -- 2

MISSING : Bernice Charlotte Gray

The 24 year old White Female went Missing on 12-26-1991 from  St. Clair Shores Michigan LOCASTED IN Macomb County..

Bernice Gray disappeared from St. Clair Shores after dropping off her daughter at a day care center...

The 24 year old Gray never showed up to work as a medical records clerk in Southfield...


CASE -- 3

MISSING : Daisy Belle Marshall

The 46 year old White Female Vanished With-Out A Trace on June 15, 1993 from Evansville Indiana located in Vanderburgh County..

Daisy Marshall has been missing since June of 1993..

Marshall's former husband told police he last saw her around 14.00 on June 15, 1993, before he lay down to take a nap...

When he awoke she was missing...


CASE -- 4

MISSING : Trudy Leann Appleby

The 11 year old White Female Vanished With-Out A Trace on August 21, 1996 from Moline Illinois located in Scott County...

Appleby was last seen in Moline, Illinois on August 21, 1996...

She was last seen getting into an older, four-door silver or grey vehicle with an unknown white male...

The male was described as being in his 20's with brown, curly hair...


CASE -- 5

MISSING : Heather Dawn Mullins Zimmerman


Heather Dawn Mullins Zimmerman was last seen going to a party at a mobile home park off Route 136 just outside of Rantoul on Memorial Day weekend...

Heather left all of her personal belongings at home...

Her purse had been stolen shortly before her disappearance and she was not carrying any credit cards, cash or identification as a result..


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Dean Ep2: Murder Research

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Mja Inc Investigations

Welcome To : Crawlspace

Published on Jun 2, 2017

Welcome to Crawlspace

This is episode two of our coverage of the murder of William K. Dean of Jaffrey, New Hampshire USA in August of 1918. The murder is still unsolved.

In this episode Lance Reenstierna and Tim Pilleri talk to Ryan Mullahy of the Dean Murder Research Group. We cover a lot of topics and discuss a couple of the main suspects.

Dean Ep2: Murder Research


Check out the Dean Murder Research Group at deanmurder.org


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Mja Inc Investigations

As of June 1st 2017 Mja has been open & operating for 16 years..

We have shared a lot of success & gaining new relationships to help Mja with our work...

Mja Inc Investigations 3 founding Partner’s would like to Thank our Staff for all their hard work & their dedication to our Cause..

We would like to give a Special Thanks to Patty Bishop our very first Client for helping Mja to grow through the years..

Mja wants to Thank all of our Clients who trusted in us to work on their Loved One’s Case..

We would like to Thank “ Together We Stand “ & PodCasters Tim & Lance for all their help in keeping some of our Cases into the Public Eye..

We would like to Thank our Law-Enforcement & Media Contacts & our sources who have provided Info..

Mja at this time are working on 90 Cases covering 12 States & in 2017 we hope to add 3 new Cases to our Case Files..

We would like to Thank the People who visit our web-site & other web-sites we post our work on..

In 16 years a Million People have read what we have posted..

Mja would like to remind people that our web-site is active to the Public..

You can join our web-site..

You can Blog or post Cases as a member or a guest..

Thanks Everyone for a very Productive Year..


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Mja Inc Investigations

Mja has decided to start our own True Crime Podcast :

Deep Into The Woods

Missing Persons & Unsolved Crimes & The Doe's

" Deep Into The Woods " Promo Video link below..

Alot of the Cases we will be covering will be from our Case Files...

We will have Special Episodes some covering :

The Zodiac Killer

The BTK Killer

Unsolved Murdered Couples

We will have Guest Speakers covering about every case we present...

Mja will keep you posted when our first episode will be released...

Here is the Promo Video :



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Mja Inc Investigations


" When they lay my body down there will be no mourners around "

" When they lay my body down all the woman I put into the ground will never be found "...

Thats complete control !!

Thats complete power over the Victims Family not knowing & will never know what happened to their Family member..

" I am the Reapers murderous hand "


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Mja Inc Staff

Welcome To CrawlSpace : Dean Murder Ep1 : Opening Statement

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Mja Inc Investigations

Published on May 12, 2017

Welcome to Crawlspace

This is episode one of our coverage of the murder of William K. Dean of Jaffrey, New Hampshire USA in August of 1918..

The murder is still unsolved. There is a lot of information about the details of this case that can sway you one way or another.

In this episode Lance Reenstierna and Tim Pilleri react to hearing the opening statement from New Hampshire Attorney General Oscar Young at the grand jury hearing in April of 1919.

Check out the Dean Murder Research Group at deanmurder.org

We need your help. If you decide to go through the files please let us know your thoughts and email us at [email protected]

Dean Murder Ep1: Opening Statement



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Welcome to Crawlspace : Cellar Series Episode 3

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Mja Inc Investigations

Published on May 3, 2017

Welcome to Crawlspace : Cellar Series Episode 3

For this interview we bring you Elizabeth Yardley, associate professor of Criminology at Birmingham City University in Birmingham, U.K. We talk about Criminology and her new true crime podcast Crime Bites, which is fantastic..



Check out Liz's true crime podcast Crime Bites: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/c...

Follow her on Twitter :

https://twitter.com/ProfLizYardley, and

Crime Bites: https://twitter.com/CrimeBitesPod


Mja Inc : Notes

The subjects you were speaking about were the types of 3 day Workshops that I & another founding Partner took during our College years..

Its safe to say that we have attended over 100 of the 3 day Workshop's thru the years..

This is also how we studied the body language of a Suspect & re-creating a death or crime scene..

That education helped us to gain alot of experience..

It also helps when interviewing Serial Killers & Inmate Informates..

We still learn as we go along & I have been at this 40 years...


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Boston's Vanishing Men Ep1: Elise's Cryptid Antiquarian

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Mja Inc Investigations

Published on Apr 24, 2017

Welcome to Crawlspace

This is episode one of of coverage of Boston's Vanishing Men..

In this episode we talk to Elise Soper, the blogger who connected a lot of dots in these mysterious deaths...


Visit Elise Soper's Cryptid Antiquarian blog:



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Mja Inc Investigations

Ground Searches :

Everyday we come up empty because we have been handed looking for your last foot-steps before you Vanished With-Out A Trace is very heartbreaking..

Every empty day & another Heartbreak makes it hard to keep the Faith until I get home & see your Photo on my wall just smiling..

Thats where my next step -- my hope & my Faith is refreshed..


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Crawlspace Podcast : Cases 2 & 3

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Mja Inc Investigations

Published on Apr 14, 2017

Welcome to Crawlspace.

This is an introduction episode to the two new cases that we're diving into..

More episodes to come in these cases - Missing & Dead Men of Boston, the Dean Murder of Jaffrey, and Brianna Maitland's disappearance..

Cases 2 & 3



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Mja Inc Investigations


When it was decided that the Body of Mr. Merritt Sr.would be exhumed..

Our Request's were made to give Together We Stand , Mja Inc Investigations,the Victims Birth Mother at least 24 hour notice..

Our Request was for Mja Agent : Mark Harper wanted to be in the Autopsy-Room during Mr.Merritt's Sr. Autopsy..

Mr.Harper use to travel with a Deputy Coroner in is local town while Mr.Harper was going to school..

Mr.Harper is a hands on expert,while the Deputy Coroner done the Hands On Work with the Body Mr Harper was writing down details like a Death Investigator would..

Mr.Harper has seen all kinds of Death's & learned how the Deputy Coroner would rule on such Cases...

The timing with how everything worked out was totally unprofessional when Mr.Harper is experienced in this type of work..

The point being you didnt want Mr.Harper in the Autopsy-Room..

After waiting for Months to get the Results the so-called 26 page Report You Sent Concerning Your Death Investigation Of Marcus Merritt Sr..was pure fiction..

In the Report alone it references to see Attachments but there are no Attachments..

The so called 26 Page Police Report is incomplete by all standards & logical Case Law..

The State Of Louisiana said the Cause Of Death Was Suicide..

That is in Question because the condition of the Body you really couldnt tell if it was Suicide..

State Ruled : Suicide

Mja case Law on point : A Death Investigation was never done on the day of his Death & no Autopsy was performed..

M.E. never showed up at the Death Scene but sent 2 attendants to recover Mr. Merritt's Body..

There are even unanswered questions by the the one's who saw Mr.Merritt's Body after Death..

Including the people preparing Mr.Merritt's Body for burial & his barber of 10 years..

First Officer at the Death Scene found people inside the Home & was told that they had touched the Body...

How the Body was touched has never been explained or if they had moved the Body in any-way..

No Report was made of that verbal exchange or what type of action took place in touching the Body or written in the field notes..

We are beyond the point of the Freedom Of Information Act since a portion of the Case File was released..

The State Of Louisiana ruled the Case a Suicide..

Case on point that its not an Active Investigation..

Therefore there is no State Law preventing giving those Case-Files that should include :

Documents should also contain all witnesses statements..

A Tox-Report could explain his state-mind at the time..

Any samples that include hair-fiber-blood-tissue & clippings..

Any photo's of the Death Scene the day Mr.Merritt Sr. was found dead in his BedRoom..

Any Photo's after the Body was exhumed & linking any Photo's concerning the Autopsy..

The bullet recovered Photo's & any testing that had been done..

That would include any tape recordings & hand written notes during the Autopsy..

During this recent Investigation concerning the Death of Marcus Merritt Sr.has not answered any Question but it opened up many other unanswered Questions..

Mja needs the WHOLE CASE FILE so our experts can take a look at the Evidence with no formed opinion..

I Promise you that none of the Photo's would ever be released to anyone or posted on any web-site..

Mja has experience in re-enactment's of Crime Scenes..

You learn alot from the Perp's M.O. if your able to learn the thoughts thats already in the Bosses pocket..

I know the State's Politic's wants to hide all the Facts Concerning The Death Of Marcus Merritt Sr..

Case on point : Until there is a Fair & Just Investigation concerning this Case the Case will Never disappear..

The Victim's Birth Mother can accept the Truth no matter where the Evidence might lead..

But With All Due Respect : The State Of Louisiana has failed to present a factual Case that proves 100 percent that Mr.Merritt Sr.took his own Life..

Any first year Lawyer could poke holes through your whole Case of Ruling It Suicide..

Another concern is during an interview the Chief of Police in the local town to the Louisiana State of Police said he washed down the death gun before testing it first..

We are amazed that he still has a Job & that he isnt even be investigated for Official Mis-Conduct..

One of our Case Laws on point was Mja laying grounds to Police Mis-Conduct concerning the Merritt Sr. Case..

The Chief Of Police took over the case when it should have been handled by Sheriff's Parish District..

When the Body was exhumed certain protocals werent followed & there was no answers that were gained & many other questions came to light..

These issues arent going away until our experts see the Whole File so we can come to our conclusions with the evidence that you can provide..

Mja Inc Investigations is reaching out to other higher Law-Enforcement Agencies to have the whole case investigated from top to bottom...

The United States Department of Justice & The LBI..


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Mja Inc Investigations

Into my Dreams into the night & what I see isn't a perfect picture..

My Guardian Angel & the Ghosts of the Past with the Devil listening in & watching for when my Soul has been haunted & when will it stop where I move on to turn page..

The deck is stacked against me at every turn & more so when its a concerning Missing Persons & Unsolved Crimes & The Doe's that is a ColdCase..

I thought years ago that I gave my Soul to the Calling which was to help get Cases some type of closure..

I breathed that in for years concerning my work thinking it was my Calling & even though I questioned myself how far would I go to seek Justice..

I was trained old-school the starting the Miami Vice Days famous for there Undercover Operations..

Back in the day we bent rules but never breaking them & we thought out of the box..

I had some of the Best Handlers & I made the rules of making Cases..

My first rule was no making Cases on Family & Friends which was granted & if one of them needed rehab we got them help under the books..

A Female friend of mine got herself into trouble with Prosutiton at a Gambingly House..

I arranged a deal for her : If she gave up the names & lay out the house plan they would raid the place & her name would never show up on any paper work..

They raided the Gambling House & found books for Credit to GM & Chrysler workers..

Before the Trial they sent us both to Brandon Floria until court time..

Some Reporter's have asked when I will retire from this work & my reply was never..That I will die at my desk just like my first Handler..

My Guardian Angel guides me to the right path that has been less taken--The Ghost's are the Victims where there is no movement on the Case..

The Devil is there to keep everything in check that is balanced in his Favor..

But with more Missing Person being found & more Doe's are being Indentified & the of the Unsolved Homicides being solved--the Devil has lost his EDGE.. 


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Mja Inc Investigations


Accident or Murder

It was July 1970 & there laid 15 Year Old R.O. on the DiningRoom floor..

A single gun shot 25 cal. entered the left eye of R.O.& by all sense & purposes R.O. died instantly..

Witness To The Shooting : Mother & 10 Year Old Brother C.O. & the Fire Arm was in the hands of B.E. the step-father to R.O. & C.O..

Circumstance's Of The Shooting :

The Family was having supper  & the step-father B.E. was cleaning his guns at the supper table when a shot rang out from a 25 cal.hand gun he just was picking it up from the table..

B.E. was claiming the shooting was accidental--the gun just went off hitting R.O. in the left eye killing him..

A.D. & J.E. & L.L. were very close Friends with R.O. & were in a garage Band together since 5th Grade..

A.D. & J.E. pulled an all-nighter & were walking down the city alley-ways heading Home when our ex-Little League Coach was a Cop found them & had them get into the Police Car..

A.D.& J.E. was taken to KPD & were taken in a room where our ex-Little League Coach put the photo's of R.O. dead on the floor down on the table & asked..

Do you know anything about this ?

The gravity of the situation sank in that it was un-thinkable..

A.D. & J.E. said they knew alittle..

All 3 teenage Friends were separated in different rooms..

The 3 teenage Friends told almost the same story when given their Witness Statements..

B.E. was an Ex-Hells Angel or on the run from them..

All 3 witnesses stated B.E. always said he could kill R.O. & make it look like an accident because he had done it before while riding with the Hell Angel's..

B.E. came into the picture when they were 13 years old & he started dating our garage Band Drummer R.O.'s Mom which B.E. was 19 years younger then her..

They didn't see much of R.O.'s Mom when B.E. came into the mix & you would always find her in her bedroom..

She use to be a " Hands On Mom "..

B.E. worked his way into being our Band's manager & at that time he introduced us to beer & weed & most important Ladies..

B.E. was a big solid man & his aggressive attitude started by punching you in the arm..

A solid hit would make their body shake..

A.D. & J.E. went over to R.O.'s house & B.E. answered the door claiming R.O. was being punished by cleaning the tile floors with a tooth brush..

All the floors in the house was tile..

R.O.'s Friends seen just a peek of R.O. on his knees scrubbing the floor with a tooth brush..

It took R.O. 74 hours to complete..

R.O. ran away one time & to hear B.E. tell it R.O.'s Mom was going to have a Baby..

R.O.'s Friends talked him to going home & they went with him..

When they were all sitting in the Living-Room B.E. came out of the bedroom with a 12 gage shot-gun & he walked up to R.O. & used the butt of the gun to hit R.O. in the mouth knocking out 2 teeth..

B.E. was yelling  " If your Mom has a miscarriage worrying about you I will blow your head off "..

A.D. & J.E. went Fishing B.E. the step-father & R.O. they got into an argument coming back from the K-Town Dam after Fishing ..

B.E. pulled R.O. out of the car & made R.O. walk 5 miles Home & this happened at least twice..

There was enough to say : Let a Grand-Jury or an Inquest  be held to hear the circumstances of the events that led to R.O.'s death..

Three of R.O's closest friends teenagers at the time who were first was questioned by Police had to testify at the Hearing..

The story they told was unthinklable...

R.O's death was ruled : Accidental..

What other step-father do you know of cleans his Fire-Arms at the table while eating supper with the Family ?

That's at least Reckless Homicide or Reckless Endangerment..

That ruling Accidental has haunted some of the people involved for years..

The 3 teens that testified & being there age couldnt & didnt understand why B.E. wasnt in Jail..

The 3 teenage friends of R.O.'s after all these years still stand by their testimony..

They still feel R.O.  was murdered..

There is new evidence that surfaced years later that if it been available at the Hearing in 1970 charges more than likely would have been filed..

That's still being investigated..


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Mja Inc Investigations

Our Female’s Have To Become Fighters : Protect Yourself

The more I watch Discovery I.D. I see several Cases where if the Female in the Relationship would have walked away there might have been a chance they would still be alive..

Granted even just by walking away from a Relationship the Female might Not be safe because the Male is aggressive,combative,& mentally aggressive..

We all know 99 out of 100 Protective Orders don't work or slow down the aggressive Male & sometimes it makes things worse..

I have seen Protective Order’s issued & the Female becomes a Homicide Victim..

When there are no other avenues to follow the Female has to become 007 making her movements hard to follow..

Change all the Habit’s she had during the Relationship...

Ladies use your reasoning & you will find away to leave the Relationship to where your Safe..

Trust someone that will help you to do this..

1 slap-is to many..

1 hit --is to many..

1 kick--is to many..

1 thrown object--is to many..

1 demeaning name--is to many..

Please watch the Video below & see if this hits home concerning you or someone you know..

Eminem - Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna



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Mja Inc Investigations





Thank You on behalf of the Murray Family and all those that have devoted their time and passion on this Mysterious case. Your involvement could be the catalyst that could help bring closure to this 12 year old case..


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Mja Inc Staff