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Mja Inc Investigations


Listen to Host : Mark & Special Guest : Miss Cali speak about these Cold-Cases from The Deep Freezer....



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Mja Inc Investigations

Mja Podcast :

Listen to Mark & Co/Host Paula Pan talk about these Cold Cases..

Joining the Podcast Guest Speaker Miss Cali..



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Mja Inc Investigations

Listen to Mark explain the Cases Mja will be working on while in Indiana..

You will hear on this Podcast co/host Paula Pan's Bio in her own words which starts at 31:02.844 into the Podcast..



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Mja Inc Investigations

On 9-4-18 after speaking to Donna Wittner about the untimely Death of her Son,Mja has agreed to work on the Case..

After our conversation Mrs.Wittner started sending us the Case File about her son's Death..




Donna's son { Brett } was at a sleep-over party when this happened..

I find it interesting that the Victim accidently shot himself in the back of the head with a 22 rifle..

I find it interesting that 2 shell casings were found at the scene but only one bullet found which was in the Victims head..

I find it interesting that the rifle was a lever action rifle..

Meaning after the first bullet dischargred you had to cock the handle to load another bullet into the firing chamber..

I find it interesting that the person who called 911 was so calm for having a teenage boy bleeding out on her floor no sense of urgency..


I find it interesting that in the background of the 911 call you can hear people talking like it was just a normal day--there was no sense of urgency what so ever..

I find it interesting that several people where there but only one person was tested for GSR [ gun shot residue ]...

What I find amazing is this took place at a Reserve Deputy's home..

The evidence that the Police collected dosent not match with what they said happened..

This case was also handled by the same Louisiana Pathologist that is always called in by the State when the Parents or the Public questions the Police findings..

This Pathologist tries to make the Evidence fit with what the Police claim...

No matter how good you are it cant always work out that way sighting Cases :

Marcus Merritt Sr. who police claim took his own life when the evidence & blood evidence & the location of the body clearly shows its a Homicide & that there was someone else in the room with Mr.Merritt ..

Evidence states Homicide not Suicide..

Victor White who was handcuffed with his hands behind his back in a Police Car & while he was handcuffed shot himself in the chest..

Its not possible..

Now you have Brett Wittner who accidently shoots himself in the back of the head with a 22 rifle..

Its not possible..

These cases & the Police evidence & reports dont match up & in some cases it defeats the Laws of Gravity..

But the state of Louisiana continues with these practices & so far they havent had to answer to anybody about their actions so why not continue..


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Mja Inc Investigations

Episode : 13 Part -- 1 The Wonderland Murders


Episode : 14 Part -- 1 The Kidnapping Of Patty Hearst


Episode : 15 Part -- 1 Two Sisters Missing From Arizona & Two

Sisters Missing From Maryland



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Mja inc Investigations

A New Mja Inc Investigations Podcast

An Undercover Investigative Report

The Series : A True Conspiracy---PROMO



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Mja Inc Investigations

Here are some Cases where there is direct evidence to hold a Death Inquest or a Grand-Jury..

Mja : Public Service Announcement -- Good Ole Monday..



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Mja Inc Investigations

As you all know Monday is our day where we send e-mails to the respective people in Law-Enforcement-Attorney General Offices--Justice Department--FBI & Media outlets concerning several Cases..

It seems that the politics of solving certain Cases have gotten in the way & getting Justice for the Victim & the Victims Family is just a Memory..

Granted you are going to have a few Cases in your 96 Case Files that Politics & Money for what ever reason is the top factor beyond anything else..

But when you have 30 + Cases out of 96 where some Law-Enforcement Agencies could care less if the Case gets solved or not--there is a BIG problem..

So that's why every Monday we have to remind these People that there is enough evidence to move forword on the Case..

When I talk about Evidence I mean Evidence that points directly to the only person who committed the Crime...

Case on Point :

In June 2006 Mja & a Kokomo Tribune Reporter broke the Shannon Sherrill Case wide open that led to 1980's Child Serial Killer David E Penton as being the one who Abducted 6 Year Old Shannon Sherrill from Thorntown Indiana on 10-5-1986..

Direct Evidence that leads to Penton :

Mja found in the Case Files :

Buried in the Case File & forgotten were :

Two witness statements taken on the day Shannon was abducted :

These witnesses gave details about a Van with out of state plates that kept driving in and out of the mobile home park..

They got a good look at the driver & a composite Sketch was done...

Well Law-Enforcement was stuck on a local & a Red Truck

The Van & composit sketch was never released to the Public..

All BOLO's concerned only the Red-Truck..

In 2006 it was learned that Penton did own such a Van in 1986 registered in Texas..

It was later learned that Penton had used this Van on several abductions from 1983 to 1988 & on a lot of those cases they had the details of the Van..

The composite Sketch was a great likeness to Penton in 1986..

The most direct Evidence against Penton :

Buried in the Sherrill Case File A Report :

When the news broke on 10-5-1986 about Shannon being Missing there was a mistake made..

By the time Law-Enforcement caught the mistake made 8 days had pasted..

So the Investigators decided not to correct the mistake & if they hold that Info back if by chance somebody corrected that mistake then they know they have the Guilty Party..

After interviewing Pentons Cell mate of 5 years :

In just general conversation with the Ex-Cell-mate of Penton :

We learned that Penton in 2000 bragged to his cell-mate about the mistake the news made when Shannon went missing..

So playing dumb we asked the Cell-mate did Penton ever say what mistake was made ?

The Cell-mate gave us the details of the mistake...

That kind of Info could have only come from one Person & that's the abductor..

In June 2006 we handed over everything we had learned about Penton to Lt.Jeff Heck..

Everything I am telling you was backed up by the Indiana State Police Detective Lt. Jeff Heck during his Investigation..

In February 2007 Lt. Heck turned over his findings the Boone County Indiana Prosecutor...

Let me be clear about this : Lt. Heck wouldn't have gave the Case File to the Prosecutor unless it was a done deal -- that all evidence leads to David E Penton..

So for 11 years everyone one including retired Lt.Heck is wondering why the Boone County Prosecutor hasn't filed charges against Penton..

Case on Point :

The Death of Marcus Merritt Sr. in 2013..

In 2013 there was no Death Investigation or Autopsy done concerning his Death..

During our Investigation : We helped get Mr.Merritt's body exhumed in June 2016..

From the Police files :

During their Death Investigation in 2016 & with other Info they had from 2013 all Evidence leads back to the E-Stranged Wife & her Parents giving false Info to Law-Enforcement..

Mja has a Police Report that during this Investigation in 2016 the Chief of Police of Leonville Louisiana made a statement that in 2013 he washed the death gun down before it was tested..

After all the Chief was called to the scene by the E-Stranged Wife & her Parents..

The Chief also waved off the Parish District Sheriff who arrived at the scene--the Chief telling him that he would handle the Case because he knew the Family..

Tox report showed that at the time of Mr. Merritts death he was incapacitated--meaning someone else was involved in his Death..

Experts : Mja passed along the Autopsy video & reports of the Autopsy to 5 other Coroners who all found that Mr.Merritt was a Victim of Homicide...

Expert : We had a mechanical engineer look at the Death Room photo's with Mr.Merritt still in the room...

Her report read that the statements given by the e-stranged Wife's parents was a lie..

Mr.Merritt couldn't have been found in the position they claim they found him in..For the simple fact it defies the laws of gravity--meaning Mr.Merritts Body had been staged in the Death Room..

The drug cocktail found in Mr.Merritts system could only come from a pharmacy or a Hospital..

Mr. Merritt had no prescriptions in his name but his e-stranged wife & her Mother worked at the Hospital..

During the 2016 Investigation we learned that the e-stranged wife was nothing but an habitual liar..

For years she claimed to have set an ex-boyfriend on fire...

In 2016 that man was interviewed & it was proven that he got his burns from a grease fire at his place of employment..

The e-stranged wife was given 2 polygraph tests & both results were inconclusive..

If you read the definition of inconclusive : Not leading to a firm conclusion; not ending doubt or dispute...Proving nothing · resolving nothing · leaving matters open..

But yet Law-Enforcement considers this Case closed..

Here we are for 2 years now sending e-mails to have the e-stranged wife charged..

Another avenue is to have a Death Inquest or Grand-Jury decide the fate of this Case..

So Mja moves on until next Monday rolls around & another set of e-mails will be sent out until someone listens..


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Mja Inc Investigations

This Case became our 96th Case on 3-26-18..

MISSING : Ashley Morris Mullis

The 27 year old white female & a mother of 3 children Vanished Without A Trace on 9-19-13 from Royerton Indiana located in Delaware County Indiana..

Mullis was last seen in Royerton Indiana on 9-19-13..

The 27 year old was separated from her husband who is the Father of 2 of the children..

Ashley Morris Mullis was last seen by her boyfriend's family...

The York Family & Ashleys boyfriends name was Daniel York Sr.

Due to a miscommunication between the York family & the Morris family Ashley wasn't reported missing for weeks after she disappeared...

The Truth of the matter is The York Family was misleading the Morris Family & was trying to put them off in taking any action at that time..

Ashley's loved ones don't believe she would have walked out of her life & abandoned her three small children which included a two-week-old baby..

The youngest Child was a product of an affair between Ashley & married Daniel York Sr. who's wife knew about Ashley & the Child...

After Ashleys Disappearance Mr. & Mrs. York took the infant Child & moved to Sarasota Florida..

On 9-15-15 Daniel York Sr.the Father of the Child died in the Sarasota Memorial Hospital..

In 2016 Mr.Yorks Wife adopted the Child & she is no Blood Relation to the Child..

The Child's Blood Relation was never notified about the adoption so there was no one there to contest the adoption..

The Parents of Missing Ashley & the Blood Relation Grandparents to the Child would have contested the adoption..

In the eyes of Mr.& Mrs.Don Morris the adoption was done illegally & the adoption should be unsealed & overturned...

The Morris's wants their day in court to contest the adoption..

Mr.York was the prime Suspect in Ashley's disappearance & he was also a Suspect in the death of a female in a Motel Room..

Any one who Info on this case please contact The Deleware County Indiana Sherrif's Office..


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The Death Investigation Of Marcus Merritt Sr.

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Mja Inc Investigations

We want to Thank the Host Celeta McCall for having us on her show ..

Mja was honored to be on this live Podcast on 1-31-18 about the death of Marcus Merritt Sr..

The link is down below & please share this story..



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Mja Inc Investigations

I watch these two Video’s every week sometimes several times a week..

Just a few funny moments to lighten the day & maybe its because I can relate to these Video’s..




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Mja Inc Investigations

The numbers below are our Public Record Files that Mja releases every year..

At this time Mja has 44 staff members but only 32 staff members are active at this time due to personal leaves..

At this time Mja is working on 95 cases covering 12 States..

All figures are work related for 2017 :

Mja E-Mails : 1,275,905

Phone Hours : 8703

Research Hours : 108,070

Mja Postings on Web-Sites : 1103

Mja Podcast Production Hours : 136

2017 Phone Staff Meetings One on One Hours  : 726

2017 Mja Webmaster Hours : 912

Hours of Travel : 140

Miles of Travel : 6,716

Search Man-Hours : 2,730

In 2017 Mja had "  186,225  " visitors at our web-site located at :


In 2017 Mja NY Staff Traveled to only 2 States..

Those States were Vermont--New Hampshire..

4 Trips to New Hampshire

3 Trips to Vermont

In 2017 Mja IN Staff Traveled to 2 States...

Those States were Michigan & Ohio..

6 Trips to Michigan

6 Trips to Ohio

Even though the States traveled is down for 2017 we worked alot of area's in Indiana--Michigan--Ohio--Vermont--New Hampshire..

Mja Money Spent for 2017 to operate Mja : $ 3,998.00

The 32 active Mja staff members for 2017 averaged paying $ 125.00 for the year 2017 to carry out our work..

32 Members X  $ 125.00 = ==== $ 4,000.00


In 2017 Mja Spent : $ 3,998.00

In 2017 Mja made $ 15.00 selling items on our web-site at our Mja Gift Shop..



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Mja Inc Investigations

The 5 New Case Files are done & we started working on the Cases on 12-2-17...


MISSING : Janis Kay Sanders - Michigan

Mja Date : 12-2-17

Mja Case File I.D. : JKS--091


MISSING : Bernice Charlotte Gray - Michigan

Mja Date : 12-2-17 

Mja Case File I.D. : BCG--092


MISSING : Daisy Belle Marshall - Indiana

Mja Date : 12-2-17

Mja Case File I.D. : DBM--093


MISSING : Trudy Leann Appleby - Illinois

Mja Date : 12-2-17

Mja Case File I.D. : TLA--094


MISSING : Heather Dawn Mullins Zimmerman

Mja Date : 12-2-17

Mja Case

File I.D. : HDMZ--095


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Mja Inc Investigations



Mja is joining in on the search of 5 new Missing Persons Cases that will be added to our Case Files.. When we get these Cases added Mja will be working on 95 Cases covering 12 States..


Photo's concerning these Cases have been posted in our Mja Photo Gallary :

Under : Mja Inc Investigations Case Photo's -- 2

Starting Photo : 73


Ending Photo : 90


CASE -- 1

MISSING : Janis Kay Sanders

The 24 year old White Female went Missing on July 20, 1975 from Niles Michigan located in Berrien County..

Janice Sanders was last employed as a waitress at Pete's Patio Restaurant in the city of Niles..

The 24 year old was last seen leaving this location during the late evening hours of July 20, 1975...


CASE -- 2

MISSING : Bernice Charlotte Gray

The 24 year old White Female went Missing on 12-26-1991 from  St. Clair Shores Michigan LOCASTED IN Macomb County..

Bernice Gray disappeared from St. Clair Shores after dropping off her daughter at a day care center...

The 24 year old Gray never showed up to work as a medical records clerk in Southfield...


CASE -- 3

MISSING : Daisy Belle Marshall

The 46 year old White Female Vanished With-Out A Trace on June 15, 1993 from Evansville Indiana located in Vanderburgh County..

Daisy Marshall has been missing since June of 1993..

Marshall's former husband told police he last saw her around 14.00 on June 15, 1993, before he lay down to take a nap...

When he awoke she was missing...


CASE -- 4

MISSING : Trudy Leann Appleby

The 11 year old White Female Vanished With-Out A Trace on August 21, 1996 from Moline Illinois located in Scott County...

Appleby was last seen in Moline, Illinois on August 21, 1996...

She was last seen getting into an older, four-door silver or grey vehicle with an unknown white male...

The male was described as being in his 20's with brown, curly hair...


CASE -- 5

MISSING : Heather Dawn Mullins Zimmerman


Heather Dawn Mullins Zimmerman was last seen going to a party at a mobile home park off Route 136 just outside of Rantoul on Memorial Day weekend...

Heather left all of her personal belongings at home...

Her purse had been stolen shortly before her disappearance and she was not carrying any credit cards, cash or identification as a result..


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Dean Ep2: Murder Research

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Mja Inc Investigations

Welcome To : Crawlspace

Published on Jun 2, 2017

Welcome to Crawlspace

This is episode two of our coverage of the murder of William K. Dean of Jaffrey, New Hampshire USA in August of 1918. The murder is still unsolved.

In this episode Lance Reenstierna and Tim Pilleri talk to Ryan Mullahy of the Dean Murder Research Group. We cover a lot of topics and discuss a couple of the main suspects.

Dean Ep2: Murder Research


Check out the Dean Murder Research Group at deanmurder.org


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Mja Inc Investigations

As of June 1st 2017 Mja has been open & operating for 16 years..

We have shared a lot of success & gaining new relationships to help Mja with our work...

Mja Inc Investigations 3 founding Partner’s would like to Thank our Staff for all their hard work & their dedication to our Cause..

We would like to give a Special Thanks to Patty Bishop our very first Client for helping Mja to grow through the years..

Mja wants to Thank all of our Clients who trusted in us to work on their Loved One’s Case..

We would like to Thank “ Together We Stand “ & PodCasters Tim & Lance for all their help in keeping some of our Cases into the Public Eye..

We would like to Thank our Law-Enforcement & Media Contacts & our sources who have provided Info..

Mja at this time are working on 90 Cases covering 12 States & in 2017 we hope to add 3 new Cases to our Case Files..

We would like to Thank the People who visit our web-site & other web-sites we post our work on..

In 16 years a Million People have read what we have posted..

Mja would like to remind people that our web-site is active to the Public..

You can join our web-site..

You can Blog or post Cases as a member or a guest..

Thanks Everyone for a very Productive Year..


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Mja Inc Investigations

Mja has decided to start our own True Crime Podcast :

Deep Into The Woods

Missing Persons & Unsolved Crimes & The Doe's

" Deep Into The Woods " Promo Video link below..

Alot of the Cases we will be covering will be from our Case Files...

We will have Special Episodes some covering :

The Zodiac Killer

The BTK Killer

Unsolved Murdered Couples

We will have Guest Speakers covering about every case we present...

Mja will keep you posted when our first episode will be released...

Here is the Promo Video :



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Mja Inc Investigations


" When they lay my body down there will be no mourners around "

" When they lay my body down all the woman I put into the ground will never be found "...

Thats complete control !!

Thats complete power over the Victims Family not knowing & will never know what happened to their Family member..

" I am the Reapers murderous hand "


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Welcome To CrawlSpace : Dean Murder Ep1 : Opening Statement

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Mja Inc Investigations

Published on May 12, 2017

Welcome to Crawlspace

This is episode one of our coverage of the murder of William K. Dean of Jaffrey, New Hampshire USA in August of 1918..

The murder is still unsolved. There is a lot of information about the details of this case that can sway you one way or another.

In this episode Lance Reenstierna and Tim Pilleri react to hearing the opening statement from New Hampshire Attorney General Oscar Young at the grand jury hearing in April of 1919.

Check out the Dean Murder Research Group at deanmurder.org

We need your help. If you decide to go through the files please let us know your thoughts and email us at [email protected]

Dean Murder Ep1: Opening Statement



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Welcome to Crawlspace : Cellar Series Episode 3

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Mja Inc Investigations

Published on May 3, 2017

Welcome to Crawlspace : Cellar Series Episode 3

For this interview we bring you Elizabeth Yardley, associate professor of Criminology at Birmingham City University in Birmingham, U.K. We talk about Criminology and her new true crime podcast Crime Bites, which is fantastic..



Check out Liz's true crime podcast Crime Bites: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/c...

Follow her on Twitter :

https://twitter.com/ProfLizYardley, and

Crime Bites: https://twitter.com/CrimeBitesPod


Mja Inc : Notes

The subjects you were speaking about were the types of 3 day Workshops that I & another founding Partner took during our College years..

Its safe to say that we have attended over 100 of the 3 day Workshop's thru the years..

This is also how we studied the body language of a Suspect & re-creating a death or crime scene..

That education helped us to gain alot of experience..

It also helps when interviewing Serial Killers & Inmate Informates..

We still learn as we go along & I have been at this 40 years...


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