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Mja Had 1 Case With A Anniversary In Janurary

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Mja Inc Investigations

Welcome To Michigan

The Doe Network has 105 People as Missing from Michigan..

48 Missing Males & 57 Missing Females

Welcome To Ann Arbor Michigan in Washtenaw County..

Cynthia Coon : 13 years old

Missing since January 19, 1970 from Ann Arbor, Washtenaw County, Michigan..

The Doe Network : Case File 858 DFMI


White female Brown hair; brown eyes.

Height : 5'4" Weight : 110 lbs.

Dentals: She had straight teeth, no fillings, never been to a dentist

DNA: Available

Became our 26th case on 1-3-2002..

Cynthia Coon left her residence en route to school in Ann Arbor.

She did not attend school at all that day and did not return home that evening..

She made contact with her family twice, once on April 1, 1970 and again on April 2, 1970..

She did not know her whereabouts at the time of the calls.

An extortion-type call was received by the family on May 5, 1970.

Since that time, no further contact has been made with the family..

Just think about this case :

Miss Coon making contact with her Family..

There are other documented cases which would point to a serial killer that keeps some of his Victims for awhile..

The only problem with the BabySitter being the suspect is that the BabySitter wanted his Victims found..

That how the serial killer got his signature showing he took good care of his Victims..

But still there is always a chance things didnt go as planned so his normal M. O. wasnt used..

There is no way of knowing how many other Victims he has while trying to form his signature..

Its also possible it could be another serial killer working the Michigan-Indiana & Illinois area's..

At one time Police Investigators thought Miss Coon could have been a Unidentified Female located in Florida in 1973..

But No-Match..

Mja Case File I.D.-CC--026

Mja Date : 1-3-2002-CC--026


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Mja Inc Staff

Mja Has 7 Cases with Anniversary's in the Month of February..

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Mja Inc Investigations

Mja Has 7 Cases with Anniversary's in the Month of February...

Welcome To Michigan

The Doe Network has 105 People listed as Missing from the State Of Michigan..

48 Missing Males & 57 Females

Starting Year : 1958 & Ending Year 2002

Welcome To Flint Michigan Located In Genesee County..

In 1979 A 20 Year Old White Female Disappears..

Missing Linda Sue Nickell : 20 years old

Missing since February 2, 1976 from Flint, Genesee County, Michigan ..

The Doe Network : Case File 1725 DFMI


Linda Sue Nickell was last seen by her sister walking from her home on Davison Road to a bar at the corner of Davison and Avalon Road in Flint, Michigan on 2-2-1976..

Miss Nickell was supposed to call a girlfriend by the first name of Irene..

Linda was a former employee of the Red Ribbon Bar & the Town and Country Lanes in Flint..

She was known to hitch-hike between Flint and Tawas..

Became our case on 1-4-2002..


Welcome To Grand Rapids Michigan Located In Kent County

In 1981 A 14 Year Old White Female Vanished

Dean Marie Pyle Peters : 14 years old

Missing since February 5, 1981 from Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan..

The Doe Network : Case File 8 DFMI


Classification : Non-Family Abduction

Pyle Peters was last seen outside of a local middle school where she attended her brothers wrestling tournament in Ada, Michigan, a town outside of Grand Rapids..

Peters, an eighth-grader at Forest Hills Central Middle School, was last seen by her mother about 16:45 when she excused herself to go to a restroom during an after school program at the school..

Dean Marie Pyle Peters wallet & makeup were left at home...

Peters never went anywhere without her makeup..

Police could find no reason for the disappearance...

They did not detect any family problems at home...

Became our case on 1-5-2002


Welcome To Vermont

The Doe Network has 12 People listed as Missing from the State Of Vermont..

4 Missing Males & 8 Missing Females

Starting Year : 1946 & Ending Year : 1993

Welcome To Middletown SpringsVermont Located In Rutland County..

In 1991 A 16 Year Old White Female Vanished..

Heide Dawn Wilbur :16 years old

Missing since February 8, 1991 from Middletown Springs, Rutland County, Vermont..

The Doe Network : Case File 375 DFVT


Heide Dawn Wilbur under the custody of the state Social & Rehabilitation Services department...

Miss Wilbur was living in a Rutland foster home in early 1991 when she got a weekend pass to visit her family in Middletown Springs...

Authorities believe Miss Wilbur hitchhiked out of town & was never seen again.

Became our case in November 2002..


Welcome To New Hampshire

The Doe Network has 16 People listed as Missing from the State Of New Hampshire..

7 Missing Males & 9 Missing Females.

Starting Year : 1963 & Ending Year : 2001

Welcome To Haverhill New Hampshire

In 2004 A 21 Year Old White Female Disappears : After She Lost Control Of Her Vehicle & Hit A Tree

Maura Murray : 21 years old

Missing Since 2-9-2004 from Haverhill, New Hampshire



Monday, Feb. 9, 2004 : Maura departs Amherst Mass., at about 4:30 p.m...

Leaving behind packed belongings in her UMass dorm room...

Miss Murray took $280 from her personal bank account...

Computer searches later show she looked up travel and lodging information for Bartlett, N.H., and Burlington, Vt.,

Miss Murray was involved in a one-car accident Route 112 in the Woodsville section of Haverhill in northern New Hampshire between 7:00 and 7:30 p.m. on February 9, 2004.

Her car, a black 1996 Saturn with Massachusetts license plates failed to negotiate a sharp curve & ran off the road striking a tree...

Maura Murray's vehicle was then found in the town of Haverhill, N.H. crashed and abandoned on the side of the road... Her doors were reportedly locked & a few items had been removed from her car..

At 7:27 p.m., Faith Westman calls Grafton County Sheriff's Department to report Maura's vehicle in a ditch on Route 112,on a sharp turn near Westman's residence....

A passing motorist later says Murray refused his offer of assistance claiming she already had called AAA on her cell phone..

There is no cell-phone reception in that area & AAA later says it never received a call from Murray..

At 7:43 p.m.,a 911 dispatcher relays a second call on the Route 112 accident to the Grafton County Sherrif's Department...

Saying a woman at the scene is shaken up but not injured..

At 7:46 p.m., Haverhill Police Sgt. Cecil Smith arrives at the scene, finding a locked Saturn and no driver...

Miss Murray had vanished by the time authorities arrived at the scene..

Fire & Rescue personnel who arrive at the scene inform all units to be on the lookout for a female accident victim..

At 9:26 p.m., police clear the accident scene..

Authorities did not begin their search for Murray until Feb. 11, to the dismay of her parents..

Maura's Father : Fred Murray of Weymouth, Mass.,wants the FBI to take over the case. .

Mr.Murray believes the searches came too little, too late to save Maura, that more should have been donethe night she crashed the Saturn...

Murray said police waited 11 days to interview some of the people who lived near the accident site & then did so only after they were prompted..

Mr Murray said police waited months before heeding pleas to call Dominic and Linda Salamone, who rent a condominium in Bartlett, even though Maura's phone records indicated she called their number at 1 p.m. the day she disappeared...

We know Miss Murray's case is a Stranger Abduction because she was traveling from--MA..

Became our case in November 2005..


Welcome To Ohio

The Doe Network has 82 People listed as Missing from the State Of Ohio

27 Missing Males & 55 Missing Females

Starting Year : 1928 & Ending Year : 1999

Welcome To Kettering Ohio Located In Montgomery County

In 1976 A 14 Year Old White Female Disappears

Lori Jean Lloyd : 14 years old

Missing since 2-11-1976 from Kettering, Montgomery County, Ohio

The Doe Network : Case File 2116 DFOH


Lori Lloyd was last seen at her home in Kettering, Ohio, on the evening of 2-11-1976...

She left to walk to a nearby store..

Miss Lloyd never arrived at the store & has not been seen since..

Became our case on 1-2-2002


Welcome To New York

The Doe Network has 236 Unidentified People listed as being found in the State Of New York

146 Unidentified Males { John Doe's } & 89 Unidentified Females { Jane Doe's }

Starting Year : 1969 & Ending Year : 2010

Welcome To Mount Vernon New York Located In Westchester County

In 1988 A Unidentified White Female Was Found

Estimated Age : 18 to 25 years old

Located on February 14, 1988 in Mount Vernon, Westchester County, New York..

Cause Of Death : Homicide..

The victim died of asphyxiation & had blunt force trauma to her head..

The Unidentified White Female was lying in a city street in Mount Vernon, New York..

There are no suspects in this crime & no clues as to this woman's identity..

Became our case on 2-26-2003


Welcome To Illinois

The Doe Network has 91 People listed as Missing from the State Of Illinois..

32 Missing Males & 60 Missing Females

Starting Year : 1930 & Ending Year : 1999

Welcome To Chicago Illinois Located In Cook County..

In 1984 A 24 Year Old White Female Vanished

Marcy Jo Andrews

Missing since 2-14-1984 from Chicago,Cook County, Illinois..



Missing since February 14, 1984 from Chicago, Cook County, Illinois..

Casey Nowicki was convicted or raping & murdering Marcy Jo Andrews in July 2005 & was sentenced to life in Prison..

This case has Indiana ties Nowicki has a farm in Pulaski County Indiana..

There were several crucial witnesses against Nowicki & one such

witness states :

Nowicki allegedly called a friend to help him put the body in the trunk of his mother's car...

Became our case on 1-20-12..


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Mja Inc Staff

Mja Has 11 Cases with Anniversary's in the Month of March

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Mja Inc Investigations

Mja Has 11 Cases with Anniversary's in the Month of March

Welcome To Indiana

Julie Dalton Johnson : Missing 3-1-1991- From Kokomo Indiana Located In Howard County

The Doe Network : Case File 354 DFIN


Became our 57th case in November 2003

Johnson was last seen at her residence at the Kokomo Regency Trailer Court in Howard County Indiana..

On 3-2-1991 Julie Dalton Johnson's light blue Citation was found abandoned on Route 22 locked & in working order.

The car's location was approximately three miles from her home.

Authorities suspect that foul play was involved in Johnson's disappearance.


Welcome To New York

Suzanne Gloria Lyall : Missing Since 3-2-1998--New York

Suzanne Gloria Lyall : 19 years old is Missing from Albany, New York

The Doe Network : Case File 2293 DFNY


Became our 36th case on 1-29-2002

In the evening of 3-2-1998 Miss Lyall left from her job at a local mall to walk to the bus stop.

Suzanne Gloria Lyall never arrived at her College dorm room & has not been heard from since.

Miss Lyall's ATM card was used the following day by an unknown person but her credit cards were never used.


Welcome To Tennessee

BETHANY LEANNE MARKOWSKI : Missing 3-4-2001--Tennessee

11 Year Old BETHANY LEANNE MARKOWSKI went Missing from Jackson Tennessee


Became our 65th case on 7-5-2008

Bethany & her father Larry was driving to meet Bethany's Mother

at the Waverly exit off Interstate 40.

On the way they stopped at the Old Hickory Mall in Jackson on the afternoon of 3-4-2001.

Bethany had gone into the mall alone while her father slept in the car.

Later Bethany's father went into the mall to look for his daughter but was unable to locate her.


Welcome To Indiana

Margaret A Hayes

Missing Since 3-10-1977--INDIANA

Margaret A Hayes : 22 years old Missing from Bloomington Monroe County Indiana

The Doe Network : Case File 1445 DFIN

http://www.doenetwork.org/cases/1445dfin.htmlle 1445DFIN

Became our 9th case on 6-4-2001

The 22 Year Old walked about 4 blocks & bought the cigarettes at the former Caveat Emptor on Indiana Ave..

She was never seen or heard from again.


Welcome To Michigan

Aundria Michelle Bowman : Missing Since 3-11-1989--MICHIGAN

Aundria Michelle Bowman : 14 years old went Missing from Holland, Ottawa County, Michigan

The Doe Network : Case File 184 DFMI


Became our 30th case on 1-16-2002

The 14 year old Miss Bowman ran away from a Youth Home on 3-11-1989

Miss Bowman has never been seen or heard from again.


Welcome To Indiana

Keri L Brookmeyer : Missing 3-17-2001 & Found 12-23-2001--INDIANA

Keri L Brookmeyer : 27 years old went Missing on 3-17-2001 from a Wal-Mart parking lot in Marion County Indiana

The Remains of Brookmeyer were found on 12-23-2001

MCSD case 01-277210

Became our 16th Case on 12-26-2001

Keri L Brookmeyer was a Homicide Victim..

Brookmeyer a St. Vincent's Hospital nurse car was found in a Wal-Mart parking lot..

On 12-23-2001 her Remains were found around Southport & Mann Rd area in Decatur Township near Southwest Way Park by people riding horses.

It has been ruled HOMICIDE


Welcome To Vermont

Brianna Maitland : Missing 3-19-2004--Vermont

Brianna Maitland : 17 years old went Missing from Montgomery Vermont



Became our 59th Case on 4-3-2004

Miss Maitland was last seen at her job at the Black Lantern Inn in Montgomery Vermont at around 11:20 p.m. on 3-19-2004.

Miss Maitland's vehicle was found on 3-20-04 abandoned 1.3 miles away from the Black Lantern Inn.

The car was rammed in reverse into the former home of The Dutchburn's located off East Berkshire Road & Route 118.

Miss Maitland hasnt been seen or heard from since 3-19-2004..

The residence where Miss Maitland's car was found is former home of Myron and Harry Dutchburn,who were brutally beaten and robbed there in 1986. The crime is unsolved..




Welcome To Vermont

Selinda Winegar : Missing 3-21-1979-Vermont

Selinda Jean Winegar : 16 years old went Missing since from Burlington Vermont located in Chittenden County.

The Doe Network : Case File 2050 DFVT


Became our 49th Case on 12-3-2002..

Winegar was last seen at her home in Burlington Vermont on 3-21-1979.


Wme To New York

Karen Louise Wilson :Missing Since 3-27-1985 Albany County NY..

Karen Louise Wilson 22 years old went Missing since from Albany New York located in Albany County..





Became our Case on 6-20-1010

Wilson was a full-time senior at New York State University - Albany...

She was last seen leaving The Tanning Hut at 1670 Central Avenue in Colonie NY on 3-27-1985..

Wilson has never been seen or heard from again.


Welcome To Indiana

Denise Diane Pflum : Missing Since 3-28-1986--INDIANA

Denise Diane Pflum : 18 years old went Missing from Connersville Indiana located in Fayette County

The Doe Network : Case File 262 DFIN


Became our 17th Case on 12-27-2001

Miss Pflum left her family's home in Connersville Indiana on 3-28-1986.

Pflum was going to retrieve a purse she thought she may have left at a party the previous night..

Denise Diane Pflum hasnt been seen or heard from since that sighting..

A farmer found her car locked & abandoned later that day..


Welcome To Indiana

Tricia L Reitler : Missing Since 3-29-1993--INDIANA

Tricia L Reitler 19 years old went Missing from Marion Indiana located in Grant County

The Doe Network : Case File 910DFIN


Became our 10th Case on 6-4-2001

Miss Reitler walked to Marsh's supermarket & disappeared shortly after leaving the store.

Never to be seen or heard from again.

At least three suspects have been named by police..

The strongest suspect being Convicted Serial Killer Larry D Hall from Wabash Indiana..

But no one has been charged in her disappearance..


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Mja Inc Staff

Mja Has 4 Cases with Anniversary's in the Month of April...

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Mja Inc Investigations

Mja Has 4 Cases with Anniversary's in the Month of April...

Welcome To New York

Bethanie L { CURTIS } Doughtery Missing 4-1-08

On 4-1-2008 a 40 year old White Female Vanished from her

home in Killawog New York located in Broome County..



Became Mja Case 67 On 9-25-2010..


Heidi Marie Allen : Missing 4-3-1994

On 4-3-1994 a 18 year old White Female Vanished from New Haven New York located in Oswego County..

On Easter Sunday 4-3-1994, Heidi Allen disappeared while working alone as a cashier at the D&W Convenience Store..

Located at the intersection of State Routes 104 and 104B in New Haven, NY.

The Doe Network : Case File 1095DFNY


Became Mja Case 50 on 12-27-2002


Welcome To Illinois

Cheryl L Murray--Missing Since 4-1-1994

On 4-1-1994 a 43 year old White Female Vanished from Peoria Illinois located in Peoria County..

The Doe Network : Case File 1172 DFIL


Became Mja Case 70 on 1-20-12..


Welcome To Delaware--New York--Pennsylvania--Ohio--Kentucky--Indiana & Illinois

Pediphile Ring In Several States 4-28-12

Mja was contacted by Parents in several States involving issues concerning :

Child Molesting

Child Abductions

Child Pornography

Child Pornography Production

Became Mja Case 80 on 4-28-12..


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Mja Inc Staff

Mja : Has 4 Cases With Anniversary's In May

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Mja Inc Investigations

Mja : 4 Cases With Anniversary's In May

Missing Persons

Missing : Laura Ann Johnson--ILL.

The 24 year old Johnson went Missing on 5-5-1990 from Palatine,Cook County Illinois



Became our 77th case on 1-20-12..


Missing : Wendy Eaton--PA

The 15 year old Miss Eaton went Missing on 5-17-1975 from Media, Delaware County Pennsylvania.



Became our 32nd Case on 1-24-2002..


Missing : Stacey Jane Morrison--ILL.

The 23 year old Miss Morrison went Missing on 5-20-1993 from Peoria Illinois..



Became our 68th case on 1-20-12


Missing : Catherine A Runte--ILL.

28 year old Catherine A Runte went Missing on 5-22-1979 from Palatine Illinois..



Became our 76th case on 1-20-12


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Mja Inc Staff


Mja Has 9 Cases With Anniversary's In The Month Of June

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Mja Inc Investigations

Missing Persons

Mja is working on the following cases below :

9 Cases With Anniversary's In June..


Margie Jelovcic       UP-DATE : 12-26-14  : Case Closed

Missing Since June 1997 from Gary Indiana located in Lake County..


Became our 34th case on 1-24-2002..






Mja Inc Investigations


Margie Jelovcic found & now is dead..

The links below are how events un-folded..









Wendy L Felton

Missing Since 6-4-1987 from Marion Indiana located in Grant County..


Became our 8th case on 6-4-2001..


Brandy Nicole Wilson

Missing Since 6-4-2002 from Colfax Indiana located in Clinton County..


Became our 41st case in June 2002..


Lori Ceci Bova

Missing Since 6-7-1997 from Lakewood New York located in Chautauqua County..


Became our 51st case on 2-4-2003..


Elizabeth Ann Gill

Missing Since 6-13-1965 from Cape Girardeau, Missouri


Became our 81st on 5-8-2012..


Joey J Haines

Missing Since 6-15-1991 from Monroe Michigan located in Monroe County..


Became our 85th case on 11-7-2012..


Indiana Unsolved Homicide

Nancy Lyons

Disappeared on 6-17-02 from Rush County Indiana..

Her Remains Found On 10-2-2002 In Bartholomew County.


Became our 83rd case on 6-10-2012


Missing Persons

Lynn Ann Thompson

Missing Since 6-26-1989 from her home in Prairie Creek located in Vigo County Indiana..


Became our 12th case on 7-3-2001..


Ruth Sharon Hoffman

Missing Since 6-30-1986 from River Rouge Michigan located in Wayne County..


Became our 64th case in April 2007..

Jane Doe I.D. as Ruth Sharon Hoffman


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Mja Inc Staff

Mja Had 7 Cases With Anniversary's In July..

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Mja Inc Investigations

Missing Persons & Homicides

Mja is working on the following cases below :

7 Cases With Anniversary's In July..


Unsolved Homicide

James David Freshour : Found Murdered July 1985--INDIANA

Mr.Freshour was found Murdered July 1985 in his home on E.Linden St..in Logansport Indiana..

The evidence states the killing was personal in nature for it was clear robbery wasnt the M.O..

The killer left behind several thousands dollars & drugs..


Missing Person

Donna Patterson : Missing Since July 2000--INDIANA

Missing : July 2000 Indianapolis Indiana Marion County..

MCSD case MP 01-0221415

Miss Patterson was last seen visiting friends when she told her friends that she was traveling to the Bloomington Indiana area to meet a friend..

Donna Patterson has never been seen or heard from again..


Missing Person & Suicide

On 7-1-03 52 year old Adrian Art Ewald went Missing from Kingston in DeKalb County Iowa..

On 11-13-03 outside Lost Nation in Clinton County Iowa Human remains found in a field in rural Iowa have been identified as that of Adrian "Art" Ewald..

A Kingston man missing since July 1 2003..

Mr. Ewald died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound..


Missing Person

Bonnie L Schultz went Missing on 7-3-1997 from Indianapolis Indiana..

MCSD case MP 97-30633A

The Doe Network : Case File 1823 DFIN


Bonnie Schultz was last seen leaving a pub the Time Out Lounge in Indianapolis Indiana on July 3, 1997..

Schultz was driving a blue 1990 Mercury Sable, four door station wagon with Indiana '98 plate 99G9645.


This vehicle has never been located..


Missing Person

On 7-8-1995 Stephanie C Gibson went Missing since from Peoria,Tazewell County,Illinois.



Stephanie Gibson last seen leaving Memories Tavern in Peoria,Illinois,with Arlie Ray Davis..

They were in a light blue, four-door 1979 Dodge Dart with license plates MMJ 296 on July 8, 1995..


Unsolved Homicide

Lansing Michigan :

On 7-9-1970 Laurie D. Murninghan 16 years old was Abducted from her job & Murdered..

Miss Murninghan had been kidnapped during a robbery at the Lansing Gift & Antique Shop..

Trying to locate Miss Murninghan & her kidnapper was one of the most extensive police manhunts ever held in mid-Michigan history..

But nothing was ever found by law-enforcement linked to the Murninghan Case..

On 7-20-1970 boys looking for pop bottles along a rural road 20 miles of Lansing discovered 16 year old Laurie Murninghan's body....

The 16 year old Miss Murninghan had been Raped & Strangled..


Homicide Victim

On 7-10-1999 29 year old Eve Eskins Brown of Long Island New York was reported Missing..

Remains Unearthed in Brooklyn Are Those of a Missing Woman..

On Nov. 15 2000 Detective Edward Reuss, N Y P D said workers found a human skull & human bones on the ground at 63-54 Belt Parkway..

10 days later the Human Remains were positively identified as those of Eve Brown..

Brown was from Long Island & five months pregnant who had been missing for more than a year..


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Mja Inc Staff

Mja Has11 Cases With Anniversary's In August

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Mja Inc Investigations

Mja is working on the following 11 Cases...

Missing Persons & Unsolved Homicide


Missing Person

In August 1997 Angela Marie Hall : 26 years old went Missing from

Elyria Lorain County Ohio..

The Doe Network has 53 Females listed as Missing from the State Of Ohio..

The Doe Network : Case File 2069 DFOH



Missing Person

On 8-2-1995 Margaret Sherman : 27 years old went Missing from

Indianapolis Indiana ..

The Doe Network has 32 Females listed as Missing fron the State Of Indiana..

The Doe Network : Case File 1316 DFIN



Missing Person

On 8-4-1981 Cynthia Jane Anderson : 20 years old went Missing from Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio..

The Doe Network has 53 Females listed as Missing from the State Of Ohio..

The Doe NetworK : Case File 287 DFOH



Unsolved Homicide

On 8-16-1984 Dawn Andrea Svocak :

20 years old went Missing from Blairs Bar in Plattsburgh New York which is located in Clinton County..

On 9-21-1984 Dawn Svocak was found Murdered by a local farmer in a cornfield

located at the intersection of Route-9 & Stafford Rd. in the town of Beekman NY..


Missing Person

On 8-21-1993 Audrey Groat : 41 years old Vanished from Northfield

located in Washington County Vermont..

The Doe Network has 8 Females listed as Missing from the State Of Vermont..

The Doe Network : Case File 1241 DFVT



Unsolved Homicide

On 8-21-1991 Jason Dale Bolton : 16 years old was found dead on a County Road in Franklin/Fayette Co. Laurel Indiana..

First look at the Crime Scene & eyewitness statements make everything look like that Jason was laying in the road & a car ran him over..

After looking at :

Case Photo's & Police Reports & Sketches & Autopsy Photo's & Reports Mja had some crime experts on the internet look at this  evidence..

They all stated that Jason's Death was staged to look like an accident..

Jason's injuries didnt support accidental death...

Jason Dale Bolton : Murdered August 21, 1991

New Investigation Re-Opened Murder Cover-Up

In Franklin/Fayette Co. Laurel Indiana..


Missing Person

On 8-26-1995 Heather D Teague : 23 years old Vanished from

Spottsville Henderson County Kentucky along the Ohio River..

The Doe Network has 30 Females listed as Missing from the State Of Kentucky..

The Doe Network : Case File 1325 DFKY




Missing Person

On 8-26-2004 Shirley Ann Carpenter Trapp : 45 years old Vanished

from Peoria Illinois..

The Doe Network has 60 Females listed as Missing from the State Of Illinois..



Missing Person

On 8-29-1981 Debra Jean Cole :

12 years old went Missing from Lebanon Indiana Boone County..

The Doe Network has 32 Females listed as Missing fron the State Of Indiana..

The Doe Network : Case File 62 DFIN


Classification : Non-Family Abduction


Missing Person

Audrey May Herron

Missing Since: August 29, 2002 Location Last Seen: Catskill, Greene Co, New York

Case Classification: Missing - under suspicious circumstances

The Doe Network has 104 Females listed as Missing from the State Of New York..

Case File: Audrey May Herron - 3168DFNY



Missing Person

On 8-30-2005 Jamie Jo Travis : 27 years old Vanished from Peoria Illinois ..

The Doe Network has 60 Females listed as Missing from the State Of Illinois..



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Mja Inc Staff

Mja Has 5 Cases With Anniversary's In September

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Mja Inc Investigations

1..Unsolved Homicide Unidentified White Female

The Doe Network : Case File 180 UFIN


Jane Doe's : Estimated age : 40 - 50 years old

The estimated time of death is 30 - 90 days prior to discovery..

Cause of death is undetermined, believed to be homicide..

Jane Doe was located on 9-6-1999 in Angola, Steuben County, Indiana...


2..Missing :13 year old Sharon Lynn Pretorius

Missing since 9- 28-1973 from Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio

The Doe Network : Case File 2051 DFOH



3..Missing : 29 year old Katherine Ann Jones

Missing since 9-27-1974 from Clearfield County, Pennsylvania..

The Doe Network : Case File 581 DFPA



4..Missing : 29 year old Jennifer Jean Gordon

Missing since 9-10-1997 from Watertown, Jefferson County, New York

The Doe Network : Case File 1984 DFNY



5...Missing 18 year old Valerie L Sloan

Missing since 9-30-1993 from Peoria Illinois located in Peoria County..




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Mja Inc Staff

Mja has 6 cases with Anniversary's in the Month of October..

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Mja Inc Investigations

Mja has 6 cases with anniversary's in the month of October..


1...Missing : 28 year old Kristine Kupka

The 28 year old white female vanished without a trace on 10-24-1998 from New York City, New York

The Doe Network : Case File 2297 DFNY


Medical : 5 months pregnant


2..Missing : 6 year old Shannon Sherrill

The 6 year old white female child vanished without a trace on

10-5-1986 from Thorntown, Boone County, Indiana...

Classification: Non-Family Abduction

The Doe Network : Case File 283 DFIN



3.. Missing : 19 year old Debra Ann Wilhite

The 19 year old white female vanished without a trace on 10-17-1974 from Evansville, Gibson County, Indiana..

The Doe Network : Case File 723 DFIN



4.. Missing : 39 year old Stephanie Anne Lyng

The 39 year old white female vanished without a trace on 10-25-1977 from Palatine, Cook County, Illinois..



Edward Lyng { Stephanie Anne Lyng's } husband was arrested in 1992 & charged with the murder of his wife..

Edward Lyng was convicted in 1994 but has never told investigators where her body is located...


5.. Missing : 32 year old SARA MAY KILGORE

The 32 year old white female vanished without a trace on 10-9-2011

from Indianapolis Indiana..



6... Missing : 23 year old Stacy Peterson

The 23 year old white female vanished without a trace on 10-28-2007 from Bolingbrook Illinois..





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Mja Inc Staff


Mja Has 4 Cases With Anniversay's In November

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Mja Inc Investigations

Mja Has 4 Cases With Anniversay's In November


Loretta L Tinkham : 30 Years Old

Vanished on 11-3-1994 from Peoria,Illinois..



Loretta L Tinkham is one of several missing women from the Peoria area..

Others include Stephanie C. Gibson , Cheryl Murray and Stacey Morrison.

Loretta L Tinkham could be a Victim of Arlie Ray Davis who was connected to several Missing Persons Cases in the Peoria Illinois area..

Became our 71st case on 1-20-12..

Mja Case File I.D. LLT--071




On 1-26-15 after DNA testing Missing Girl Tammy Jo Alexander from Brookville Florida is 1979 Caledonia Jane Doe the Killer is still out there..

Unidentified White Female : Found 11-9-1979--NEW YORK

The Doe Network : Case File 1 UFNY


Unidentified White Female : Estimated age: 13 - 19 years old..

Located on November 9, 1979 in Caledonia New York..

Estimated Date of Death is November 8, 1979

The Unidentified White Female Victim died as a result of severe brain hemorrhage caused by a gunshot wound to the head..

The Jane Doe Victim was discovered by a passing motorist in a Caledonia, NY cornfield..

On 11-9-1979 & found about 20 feet from the south side of Route 20, about one half mile from the intersection of Route 5..

The Jane Doe died of two gunshot wounds : One to the back & one to the front of her head..

The Unidentified Female Victim was apparently shot by the road where a blood spot marked the earth...

Then Jane Doe was dragged into the cornfield and shot again...

Caledonia, NY is located in the Finger Lakes region of the state close to the Canadian border..

Many Items were found with Jane Doe Cali such as clothing & jewelry..

Up-Date :

Jane Doe rests in Dansville, New York. The inscription says :

"Lest we forget an unidentified girl. November 9. 1979. And flights of angels sing theet to thy rest."


Pollen samples taken from the victim's clothing were determined to have come from only four places : Arizona, California, South Florida, or Mexico..

Became our 39th Case on 2-6-2002


Mja Case File I. D. : UFNY--039


Lola Katherine Fry : Vanished In November 1993

from Greenwood, Johnson County, Indiana.

Lola K Fry : 28 years old

Missing Since : November 13th or 14th -1993 Indiana

The Doe Network : Case File 1039 DFIN


I -Team 8 " A Life Interrupted "

Aired on WISH TV 8 NEWS on November 13th and 14th of 2002..



On 11-16-2003 Fox 59 News out of Indianapolis filmed one of Mja Inc searches in Boone County for Lola K Fry..

Copies of story can be reque..


Fry had left her car parked at an East side restaurant...

The car also is missing...

It is as a 1990 red & black Mitsubishi Eclipse with personalized license plate that says "LOLA.

Police have a prime suspect & presume Fry is dead.

However, no direct evidence exists..

The last official accounting of Fry :

She had been partying with friends at an East side Indianapolis apartment & either fell unconscious or overdosed on drugs..

Police have been told Fry was wrapped in a blanket & carried to a car & driven away by her former boyfriend...

Foul play is suspected in her disappearance...

Her case was reopened in 1999..

Lola K Fry became our 42nd case in June 2002..

Mja Inc Case File I.D.-LKF--042


Joshua Swalls 22 Years Old

Missing on 11-3-12 from Indianapolis Indiana..

Found on 11-23-12-- Deceased

http://www.fox59.com/news/wxin-search-for-joshua-swalls-20121117,0,827913.story ;


Became our 86th Case on 11-19-12..

Mja Case I.D. JS--086


On 11-23-12 Joshua Swalls body was found in a retention pond...




Joshua Swalls was last seen at the Lakewood Lodge Apartments in the 2600 block of Timberly Drive on 11-3-12 while visiting a friend...

The 22 year old Swalls for some unknown reason left the friends apartment..

Joshua Swalls car was found in the Lakewood Lodge Apartments parking lot a short time later & his cellphone was recovered at a friend's apartment...

The pond that the body was recovered from is located across the street from the Lakewood Lodge Apartments


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Mja Has Cases 7 Witn Anniversary's In December

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Mja Inc Investigations

Mja Has Cases 7 Witn Anniversary's In December


Missing :

Karen Jo Smith : 35 years old

Missing : 12-27-2000 Indianapolis Indiana Marion County..

Last seen 12-27-2000 Wendsday 10:30pm @ 830 Weghorst St..Indianapolis..


Karen Jo Smith became our company's very first case on 6-1-2001..

Karen Jo Smith's Family & Mja knew that our main suspect in the disappearance of Karen Jo was the ex-husband Steve Halcomb..

Arrest & Conviction of Ex-Husband Steven Halcomb sentenced to 95 years With-Out A BODY..

Mja is still very active in searching for Karen Jo Smith..

Mja Case File I.D.. : KJS--001


Missing :

Nancy Wroblewski :38 years old

Missing : 12-9-1990 from South Bend, Saint Joseph County, Indiana..

The Doe Network : Case File 1368 DFIN


Wroblewski disappeared after leaving a church function at Corpus Christi in South Bend with her husband..

Her husband told police his wife packed a bag & walked out telling him to take care of the children..

There has been no sign of her since and police now fear that she may have been the victim of foul play...

Became our 13th case on 7-3-2001...

Mja Case File I.D.. : NW--013


Homicide Victim :

Dennis Newsome Jr : Missing 12-2-1981 & Found Thanksgiving Day 1982--INDIANA

Dennis Newsome Jr of Kokomo Indiana in Howard County was reported missing when his pick-up truck was found on fire..

The truck was located near Morgan St. & County Road 250 East intersection near Beaver Lodge Trailor Park..

Newsome's badly decomposed body was found Thanksgiving Day 1982 in Tipton County..

Became our 15th Case on 8-23-2001..

Mja Case File I.D.-DN--015


Jane Doe

Unidentified White Female


Estimated age: 18-22 years old.

Jane Doe was discovered on December 26, 1982 in Wayne County, Indiana..

Estimated Date of Death: 8 months prior to discovery

Skeletal Remains

Jane Doe was located in west/central Wayne County in a remote woods..

About two miles north of I-70 & about 15 miles west of the Indiana / Ohio..

Becmae our 18th case on 12-27-2001..

Mja Case File I.D... : UFIN--018


Jane Doe

Unidentified White and/or Hispanic Female


Estimated age: 20-35 years old

Jane Doe was located on 12-29-1996 in South Bend, St. Joseph County, Indiana..

Estimated Date of Death: 1-2 years prior

Skeletal Remains

Cause of death hasn't been determined, but homicide is likely...

Jane Doe was found 6/10 miles from US Highway 31..

The Remains were in a pasture overgrown with thick brush & at the foot of a power pylon..

The terrain in this area is very rough and is only accessible by 4-wheel drive vehicles..


This area is about three miles south of South Bend, Indiana.

Became our 19th case on 12-28-2001...

Mja Case File I.D... : UFIN--019


Missing :

Shannon Rayanne Turner : 33 Years Old


Missing since December 4, 1997 from Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana.


Turner was employed as an exotic dancer at Babe's Showgirls West..

The 33 year old was last seen leaving the club after her shift ended in the early morning hours on 12-4-1997..

Shannon Turner left her place of employment with an ex-boyfriend who was an Enforcer in the " Outlaws " motorcycle gang..

Became our 43rd case in October 2002..


Mja Case File I.D.. : SRT--043


Missing :

Lynne Kathryn Schulze : 18 Years Old


Missing Since: December 10, 1971

Location Last Seen: Middlebury, Addison County, Vermont

Schulze was last seen at Middlebury College in Middlebury, Vermont on December 10, 1971...

The 18 year old was headed across campus to take an exam..

When Schulze turned around & went back to retrieve a pencil from her dorm room...

Lynne Kathryn Schulze didn’t show up for the exam & has never been seen or heard

from since that day...

Became our 45th case in November 2002..

Mja Case File I.D... : LKS--045


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