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Mja Crime Forums Post New Entry


Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on January 12, 2020 at 10:20 PM Comments comments ()


Mja Inc Investigations

The numbers below are our Public Record Files that Mja releases every year..

At this time Mja has 44 staff members but only 30 staff members are active at this time due to personal leaves..

At this time Mja is working on 102 cases covering 13 States..

All figures are work related for 2019 :

Mja E-Mails : 2,075,111

Phone Hours : 10,113

Research Hours : 108,119

Mja Postings on Web-Sites : 317

Mja Produced Mja Podcasts : 37

Mja Podcast Production Hours : 566

2019 Phone Staff Meetings One on One Hours : 1601

2019 Mja Webmaster Hours : 477

Hours of Travel : 290

Miles of Travel : 17,400

Search Man-Hours : 3,230

In 2019 Mja had " 350,238 " visitors at our web-site located at :

In 2019 Mja NY Staff Traveled to 5 States..

Those States were Vermont--New Hampshire - Florida --Indiana & Ohio...

3 Trips to New Hampshire

2 Trips to Vermont

2 Trips to Indiana

2 Trips to Ohio

1 Trip to Florida

In 2019 Mja IN Staff Traveled to 4 States...

Those States were Michigan -- Kentucky -- Illinois & Ohio

2 Trips to Michigan

2 Trips to Kentucky

2 Trips to Illinois

5 Trips to Ohio

MJA worked alot of area's in Indiana--Michigan--Ohio--Vermont & New Hampshire..

Mja Money Spent for 2019 to operate Mja : $ 13,598.00

The 30 active Mja staff members for 2019 averaged paying $ 450.00 for the year 2019 to carry out our work..

30 Members X $ 450.00 = ==== $ 13,500.00

The remaining 98 dollars came from our New York Office..

In 2019 Mja Spent : $ 13,598.00

In 2019 Mja made $ 15.00 selling items on our web-site at our Mja Gift Shop..



Posted by :

Mja Inc Staff


Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on January 3, 2018 at 12:30 AM Comments comments ()


Mja Inc Investigations

The numbers below are our Public Record Files that Mja releases every year..

At this time Mja has 44 staff members but only 32 staff members are active at this time due to personal leaves..

At this time Mja is working on 95 cases covering 12 States..

All figures are work related for 2017 :

Mja E-Mails : 1,275,905

Phone Hours : 8703

Research Hours : 108,070

Mja Postings on Web-Sites : 1103

Mja Podcast Production Hours : 136

2017 Phone Staff Meetings One on One Hours  : 726

2017 Mja Webmaster Hours : 912

Hours of Travel : 140

Miles of Travel : 6,716

Search Man-Hours : 2,730

In 2017 Mja had "  186,225  " visitors at our web-site located at :

In 2017 Mja NY Staff Traveled to only 2 States..

Those States were Vermont--New Hampshire..

4 Trips to New Hampshire

3 Trips to Vermont

In 2017 Mja IN Staff Traveled to 2 States...

Those States were Michigan & Ohio..

6 Trips to Michigan

6 Trips to Ohio

Even though the States traveled is down for 2017 we worked alot of area's in Indiana--Michigan--Ohio--Vermont--New Hampshire..

Mja Money Spent for 2017 to operate Mja : $ 3,998.00

The 32 active Mja staff members for 2017 averaged paying $ 125.00 for the year 2017 to carry out our work..

32 Members X  $ 125.00 = ==== $ 4,000.00


In 2017 Mja Spent : $ 3,998.00

In 2017 Mja made $ 15.00 selling items on our web-site at our Mja Gift Shop..



Posted by :

Mja Inc Staff


The Death Of Marcus Merritt Sr. : The 26 Page Police Report

Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on January 15, 2017 at 2:05 AM Comments comments ()


Mja Inc Investigations 

The 26 Page Police Report on The Death Of Marcus Merritt

Mja would like to state for the record..

Mja has been involved with several cases of this type & we managed to get the Cases over-turned to a Homicide or Undetermined..

How we done that we had the whole Case File including death scene photo's & autopsy photo's--tox screen--witness statements--copies of any search warrants-polygraphs results--any testing results for any evidence that was collected--ect...

Mja got a lot of that Info from filing under The Freedom Of Information Act...

Mja filed such papers to the state of Louisiana 3 different times with no reply...

Even after exhuming Mr.Merritt's Body the State of Louisiana has refused to provide the whole Case File..

The 26 page Report counting the cover that they did send had all attachments missing...

The Report had several large holes in it & even contradict's its self..

There are statements in the report that the Leonville Police should be held for Misconduct..

Why the State Police haven't removed the Police Chief in question from his duties is beyond any other reasoning..

The 26 page Report just raised more questions to be answered..

The Report reads like pure Fiction..

Let me just say that we are taking this case personally..

It has nothing to do with Ego's or that this is the first Case of this type where the ruling didn't go our way..

Its the simple fact that at separate times the Police Investigators lied to me over the phone..

They stalled & pointed the fingers at each other why it took until 12-13-16 for the results of the so-called autopsy when Mr.Merritt was exhumed on 6-2-16..

Its becoming our opinion that the reason they wont turn over the whole case file because we have experts that can read a death scene just by documented photo's..

We have medical experts to read tox-screens..

We can reconstruct a death scene..

We have staff members with college degree's in this type of work..

Mja had 2 of our Profilers do a report on the 26 pages Police Report..

The Profilers both stated :

That it is possible that it happened the way the Police claim :

But that's very unlikely concerning this Case..

There is no actual evidence of suicide because they didn't do a death investigation..

The Profilers stated that there was more evidence to support Homicide even though the Police slanted the witness statements towords Suicide..

There is no actual evidence of corruption as we know it but the Leonville Police is guilty of Misconduct & to us that's a foundation for a cover up or corruption..

I think they know about Mja History by now so in return they don't want Mja to see the whole Case File..

I am just saying !!


Posted by :

Mja Inc--Mark



Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on January 6, 2017 at 9:45 PM Comments comments ()


Mja Inc Investigation

There are many People who ask how we get a handle on some of these Cases..

One Tool we have found that works for Mja is when ever possible do an Re-Enactment of the Case...


Mja started working on this case in 2003..

This is how we knew :

When a 6 year old Female Child was abducted in 1986 the Serial Killer had only 1 minute & 20 seconds to isolate the Victim & abduct her...

That's a very slim window when you have other kids around playing & Adults across the street & Adults beside the Victims Home..

No one saw anything !!

In 2004 Mja granted access to Police Files :

Since it was a narrow window that led us to look at the Police Case File..

Fitting that narrow window time line there was 2 eyewitness watching a Vehicle with out of state plates driving around which had been in the Case file from day 1..

These witnesses didn't see an abduction...

This also led to a report to where the K-9's lost the Child's scent..

Where the K-9's lost the scent is the area the 2 witnesses first saw the Vehicle driving around..

That was never put together as being important..

But this avenue was never investigated because Law-Enforcement had tunnel vision on another Vehicle...

Mja presued this lead of the other Vehicle...

During our investigation Texas Law-Enforcement asked for the Indiana Victims Parents DNA..

So at that point we knew there was a Texas connection...

In 2005 the local town Marshal gets a letter from an Ohio Inmate asking if this certain type of Vehicle ever come up in the investigation ?

If there was a compsite sketch done on a possible suspect ?

In the Police Case File the 2 witnesses that had seen the other Vehicle driving around they done a composit sketch...

But it was never released to the Media..

The local Town Marshal took the Ohio Inmate's letter & put it in the desk to collect dust..

Mja & the Victim's Family waited until June 2006 for the Marshal to investigate what was said in the letter..

When he didn't Mja & the Victim's Family had no choice but to Release this Info to the Public..

This led to the Ohio Inmate who wrote the letter to the Marshal & this Ohio Inmate Informant was a cell mate for 5 years with a convicted 1980's Child Serial Killer..

This Ohio Inmate Informant helped Law-Enforcement in Texas to solve 3 1980's Female Child Murders that his former cell mate had talked about..

This led Mja to interviewing the Ohio Inmate Informant on several occasions & he knew the Vehicle--he knew what she was wearing & he had Info that could have only came from the Killer..

So we know who took our Victim & the search area's are down to only 2 locations...

That Investigation continues for it has branched out to 17 States..



This is how we knew :

That in 1991 after leaving a Party with a so called Friend a 16 year old Male didn't lay down on a Indiana country road to get accidently ran over...

Our investigation started with a Police Officers hand sketches of the so called accident site where the victim was laying & where is so called Friend was laying who escaped harm & where flesh was discovered across the road in the grass & which way the vehicle was driving & how fast..

Mja saw the Autopsy Photo's of the Body--Fully clothed--then each item of clothing taken off you take another photo of the Body..

So we saw first hand the injuries the 16 year old suffered...

Mja done a re-enactment using the same type of vehicle & plus 3 other vehicles..

What we learned is this so called accident didn't happen the way the witnesses claim..

The Victims injuries are to presise & the distance between the Victim & his so called Friend laying in the road would make it impossible for it to happen the way they claim..

Another solid clue the flesh found across the road about 25 feet away from the Body was part of his testicles...

After being ran over :

The groin section of the victims pants wasn't ripped & didn't have a hole in that area & they werent unzipped..

There is no way possible that this Flesh shot down his pant legs or shot up from his waist & land almost 25 feet from the Body..

Also there is no blood evidence that says it happened that way if it was possible..

Our evidence states that the testicle injury happened before being ran over by a vehicle..


Over the years witnesses statements have changed on several occasions..

Our grounds that Mja presented was enough to get the case over-turned from Accidental to Undetermined which usually leads to Homicide..



This is how we knew :

That in 1965 a 2 year & 10 months old Female Child from Missouri didn't walk down to the bank of the Mississippi River & fall in..

This was what the directing Police Agency was saying in 1965..

So Mja took an expert hiker had him follow the route the small child would have took...

It took our expert hiker 31 minutes & 16 seconds to reach the river bank..

In that amount of time there was already a search for the young child taken place by Family & Friends...

The river bank was one of the first places searched & when the Police was called they searched the River area..


So how long do think it would have taken a 2 year & 10 month old Female Child to reach the river bank if it took an expert 31 minutes & 16 seconds to reach the bank ?

In doing so this avenue has been ruled out by all Law-Enforcement..



This is how we knew :

That in 1986 a 16 year old Male from Ohio was arrested for the Rape & Murder of his Girlfriend that he didn't do..

There was no evidence linking him to the crime..

He was later released & never thought much about it thinking he had been cleared..

Little did he know he was still the number one suspect & the public agreed also..

Later in life as an Adult the Boyfriend was charged..

The Boyfriend kept up on DNA & while setting in Jail he asked to have DNA testing done on the items at the crime scene..

Because in 1986 DNA testing wasn't done in the USA..

The answer was that he had to prove that there is some type of evidence that states he couldn't have been at the crime scene in question..

The Boyfriends Lawyer had Mja do an re-enactment on the time line the prosecution was using..

Going by the Police report time line & the prosecution time line Mja done an re-enactment..

We used a car close to what the Boyfriend drove in 1986 & we done it on a night where the road conditions were the same..

The Girl Friend left the school gym to walk home because she had a curfew..

About 20 minutes after the Girlfriend left the Boyfriend was out of sight from alibi witnesses for 13 minutes while using the restroom & sneaking a smoke..

Mja left the gym & drove out to where the Victim was found...

Remember the Killer took his time with her :

She was raped--beaten & murdered..

The killer also done some other things in the form of torture that has never been released to the public...

But the main thing is they took time to do..

Just the drive from the the gym to the crime scene took 19 minutes round-trip..

Mja tried at different speeds & still couldn't get it below 14 minutes round--trip..

Then with how she died & what was done to her would have taken a lot of time so there is no question the Boyfriend wasn't involved..

That was enough grounds to have DNA testing done & they found DNA besides the Victims..

That DNA testing proved that the Boyfriend wasn't the killer & he was released..

Just think this was all done by using the Police & Prosecution & Witness Statements..

As you see doing Re-enactments can be an important Tool to use to help you prove a Case..


Posted by :

Mja Inc Staff


Corruption Abounds in Louisiana Law Enforcement!

Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on January 4, 2017 at 11:55 PM Comments comments ()


Mja Inc Investigations

Royce Eckley has been a mother on a mission for 4 years as of today...

She is the mother of Marcus Merritt Sr., a healthy, happy man with children he loved and plans for the future...

On January 4th, 2013, she received a call from Marc's estranged wife saying he killed himself and what would follow is more bizarre and convoluted than any crime show on television...

The police from a local to state level have participated in a cover up and strung this mother along for far too long...

Please join us tonight as we lay out the FACTS with MJA Inc Investigations...

No one is safe if law enforcement is allowed to break the law,and it is the responsibility of all of us to challenge them and change this system..


Posted by :

Mja Inc--Mark

All copywrites belong to : Together We Stand

Mja Inc Investigations 2016 Operation Figures--Public Record Files

Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on January 2, 2017 at 9:50 PM Comments comments ()


Mja Inc Investigations

The numbers below are our Public Record Files that Mja releases every year..

At this time Mja has 44 staff members but only 38 staff members are active at this time due to personal leaves..

At this time Mja is working on 90 cases covering 12 States..

All figures are work related for 2016 :

Mja E-Mails : 175,605

Phone Hours : 5799

Research Man-Hours : 78,010

Mja Postings on Web-Sites : 903

2016 On-Line Hours Staff Meetings : 226

Hours of Travel : 170

Miles of Travel : 8,516

Search Man-Hours : 3,130

In 2016 Mja NY Staff Traveled to only 2 States..

Those States were Vermont--New Hampshire..

In 2016 Mja IN Staff Traveled to 4 States...

Those States are Illinois--Michigan--Ohio--Kentucky

Even though the States traveled is down for 2016 we worked alot of area's in Indiana--Illinois--Michigan--Ohio--Kentucky--New York--Vermont--New Hampshire..

In 2016 Mja had "  97,045  " visitors at our web-site located at :

2016 Mja Webmaster Hours : 605

Mja Money Spent for 2016 to operate Mja : $ 2,888.00

The 38 active Mja staff members for 2016 averaged paying $ 76.00 for the year 2016 to carry out our work..

38 Members X $ 76.00 = ==== $ 2,888.00


In 2016 Mja Spent : $ 2,888.00

In 2016 Mja made $ 35.00 selling items on our web-site at our Mja Gift Shop..



Posted by :

Mja Inc Staff


Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on December 25, 2016 at 2:00 AM Comments comments ()


Mja Inc Investigations

We here at Mja wishes our Clients { who have become our extended Family } & our Staff & work related Friends a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year..

Another year is upon us & we have been Blessed with the relationships that we developed in the past 4 years..

These relationships has only helped to move several of our Cases along..

In 2017 there will be a lot of movement concerning all of our Cases..

May you all keep safe & go in Peace..

Our Thoughts & Prayers Are With You..

May You Gain What You Seek..


Posted by :

Mja Inc -- TK & Mandy Stout_IN..   [email protected]

Mja Fears No Evil & We Have Seen Evil Before

Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on August 11, 2016 at 12:40 AM Comments comments ()


Mja Inc Investigations

To Whom It May Concern :

All you have told me calling them Details has already been posted in the Media concerning this Serial Killer..

The only reason you know about me is because of my Son sending an E-Mail to the Media..

The Guy I was after isn't the person you speak about...

I have Details of why I felt he was the Killer...

Suspect Profile : After each Kill the Suspect might feel the need to flee..

Right after the 4th Victim was found he quit his job working for the State--put his house up for sale & left..

The Serial Killers location at that time was unknown..

Mja always felt that he went on Killing in another State...

Mja has been trying to find a pattern in another State..

Mja has it from a good source of Info the Guy we were looking at Died in Prison on Un-related charges..

The Guy we were looking at confessed to the Media 4 Kills & he left a lot of clues behind that pointed more in his direction..

All of these Victim's were found & the Suspect is dead then there will be no Court Hearings..

Mja has Info that was never released to the Public..

You have No Details concerning your Suspect..

All you will say is your Suspect is alive & you have listened to his Stories..

Well then why are you contacting Mja ?

You sound like you have everything you need & by Law if you find the Info Creditable in part then you must Report it to Police..


Posted by :

Mja Inc Staff



Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on August 6, 2016 at 12:55 AM Comments comments ()


Mja Inc Investigations

Photo's For These Concerns Can Be Found at Mja Case Photo Gallary

Under :

Mja Inc Investigations Case File's


Starting Photo : 3811


Ending Photo : 3822


Domestic Violence

Domestic violence which is also named domestic abuse, battering, or family violence)..

It is a pattern of behavior which involves violence or other abuse by one person against another in a domestic setting...

Such as in marriage or cohabitation. Intimate partner violence is violence by a spouse or partner in an intimate relationship against the other spouse or partner...

Domestic violence can take place in heterosexual & same-sex family relationships & can involve violence against children in the family or, in some U.S. states, violence against a roommate...

Domestic violence can take a number of forms, including physical, verbal, emotional, economic, religious, & sexual abuse...

Which can range from subtle, coercive forms to marital rape & to violent physical abuse such as female genital mutilation & acid throwing that results in disfigurement or death...

The Link Below is how many of these Cases end up..



Human trafficking is the modern form of slavery with illegal smuggling & trading of people for forced labor or sexual exploitation...

Trafficking is officially defined as the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring, or receipt of persons by means of coercion, abduction, fraud, deception, or abuse of power of a position of vulnerability for the purpose of exploitation....

Human trafficking generated an estimated $7 billion to $9.5 billion per year as of 2004..


Human trafficking is condemned as a violation of human rights by international conventions..

In 2002, Derek Ellerman and Katherine Chon founded a non-government organization called Polaris Project to combat human trafficking...

You can call the Polaris Project to report tips & receive information on human trafficking...

Polaris' website & hotline informs the public about where cases of suspected human trafficking have occurred within the United States..

In 2007 the U.S. Senate designated January 11 as a National Day of Human Trafficking Awareness in an effort to raise consciousness about this global, national and local issue..

In 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013, President Barack Obama proclaimed January as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month...




Child abuse or child maltreatment is physical, sexual, or psychological mistreatment or neglect of a child or children, especially by a parent or other caregiver..

It may include any act or failure to act by a parent or other caregiver that results in actual or potential harm to a child, and can occur in a child's home, or in the organizations, schools or communities the child interacts with...

Definitions of what constitutes child abuse vary among professionals, and between social and cultural groups, as well as across time...

The terms abuse and maltreatment are often used interchangeably in the literature...


Trafficking of children is a form of human trafficking & is defined as the "recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring, and/or receipt" of a child for the purpose of exploitation...

This definition is substantially wider than the same document's definition of "trafficking in persons"...

Though statistics regarding the magnitude of child trafficking are difficult to obtain..

The International Labour Organization estimates that 1.2 million children are trafficked each year..

The trafficking of children has been internationally recognized as a serious crime that exists in every region of the world and which often has human rights implications..

The use of girls and boys in sexual activities remunerated in cash or in kind (commonly known as child prostitution) in the streets or indoors...

In such places as brothels, discotheques, massage parlours, bars, hotels, restaurants, etc."

The trafficking of girls and boys & adolescents for the Sex Trade...

Child Sex Tourism..

The production, promotion & distribution of pornography involving children...

The use of children in sex shows (public or private)...


Posted by :

Mja Inc Staff


Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on July 30, 2016 at 7:45 PM Comments comments ()


Mja Inc Investigations


As of 7-28-16 Mja has joined in on the search for Missing :

WILLIAM P SMOLINSKI JR who goes by the name : Billy..

A mutual friend { Kathy Rivera } put Jan Smolinski { Billy's Mother }& Mja together..

Jan Smolinski reached out to Mja & we had a long conversation...

We came up with 3 common goals which the most important is locating Billy..

Jan Smolinski has given Mja permission to work on the Case & to move forword..

31 year old WILLIAM P SMOLINSKI JR { Billy } disappeared on 8-24-2004 from Waterbury Connecticut..

Billy has become our 90th case : Mja Case File : BPS--090..

At this time the Case File isnt complete & when its completed we will post the Case File..

The Smolinski Family has been locked into a nightmare by the Police who are Investigating the Case & the towns Justice System..

Jan Smolinski has been arrested--sued & lied to by this Police Agency Investigating the disappearence of her son Billy..

But yet the Guilty Parties involved in Billys disappearence is roaming wild with no legal action taken against them...

The Guilty Parties do what they want & when they want with no legal action taken against them...

No Victims Family members should ever be arrested for trying to find answers to what happened to their Missing Loved One..

The courts should never entertain the thought of pursusing a Law Suit against the Victims Family brought forth by people where their Guilt is still in question..

The Police Agency involved in the Case should never lie to the Victims Family or paint a picture of the Victim stating he was nothing but a mean person..

When there is NO DOCUMENTED Evidence that says this could be true...

Even IF that was true dosent mean Law-Enforcement shouldnt do their job concerning this Case..

The tactics used by the Police Department & the Guilty Parties against the Victims Family is major Red Flags that something is wrong with the Investigation..

Mja understands without question what we are up against & we understand what needs to be done & we plan on bringing everything to the surface for all to see..

Mja never shy's away from a Case because its difficult & with our experience we can adjust to what needs to be done...

Mja will keep the Public up-dated when we can...


Posted by :

Mja Inc Staff



Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on July 30, 2016 at 6:00 AM Comments comments ()


Mja Inc Investigations

This is a Notice of Intent to all the internet Trolls attacking Mja & our work..

We are sick of your slanderous with malice comments about Mja on Public Forums with no documents of evidence to prove your comments..

You Trolls have upset some of our Clients & that's where we draw the line..

As of 7-29-16 our 3 founding partners has turned over your slanderous comments to our legal department..

Mja is taking the stand in the form of a Law Suit..

Yes we are taking you to court !!!

After upsetting some of our Clients you leave us no choice..

I have given you warning after warning to back-off with no luck because you people failed to listen to reason & you failed to pay attention to our documented evidence..

Those warnings we gave you time & time again will also be presented in court..

The comments you made about our Staff being handicapped & wishing us good luck at the Special Olympics will tell everyone the kind of Human Beings you are...

I will admit we have 2 people at Mja that is labeled as being Handicapped...

One of them is me & I have CMT & MS but yet you will find me in the woods--in the mountains--walking in the streams & rivers every month conducting searches..

Where will we find you--well I can tell you--your hiding behind a keyboard..

I don't get a government check for my disability--I have worked all my life..

Mja has a Profiler who just earned his college degree today 7-29-16 & he is confined to a wheel chair..

I wont be dealing with you Internet Trolls anymore it will be our Lawyers...

Don't think for one minute we cant track you down because we have the resources to do so...

If we can track down a Serial Killer that operated from 1981 to 1988 its going to be easy for our tech people to track you down..

You Trolls fail to realise that anything you put on the internet your leaving a digital fingerprint that leads back to you...

But we are going to make it easy for you to pay the damages..

Because we don't want to ruin your Life or for the Trolls that have Families we don't want to ruin your Family because of your mistakes..

Mja has 20 Internet Trolls in our files that have been attacking Mja by using slanderous with malice comments with no evidence to back up your claims..


Here is a sample of documented evidence that Mja will be using in court :

This is from Martha Hamilton who is the Sister of Missing : 2 & 1/2 year old Elizabeth Ann Gill went Missing on 6-13-1965 From Cape Girardeau, Missouri...

May, 2012: I work with the National Center of Missing and Exploited Children as a Team Hope volunteer. A friend in this group suggested I contact Mark for help in finding Beth. Mark and his group MJA, Inc Investigators have worked tirelessly to bring us answers. He and I believe we’ve made progress but aren’t quite there in finding Beth. Mark has brought a different outlook to the case, and has been a wonderful mentor and source of encouragement. The Gill family will be forever grateful for all the hours Mark and his team have spent searching with us.


Mja has 100’s of these types of documented evidence & several from Law-Enforcement Agencies across the nation..

You Internet Trolls have no such documented evidence to back up your comments..

In court you have to produce evidence to back up your claims..

Mja will be asking in damages 500 to a 1000 dollars from each one of you & we will determine your cost by what you posted & how manytimes you posted..

You cant lie because we saved your comments & as I said Mja has a file for you Internet Trolls..

When you lose a Law Suit like this your the ones that have to pay the Lawyer fee’s & court cost..

Well our Lawyers are only going to charge you 1 dollar where they could charge you up to 1000 dollars an hour & the court cost we have no control over that..

So Mja wants to thank-you internet trolls because when we collect your money there will be enough to run our operations for almost 3 years...

So during that time our staff wont have to give their money to do our work..

Hey if you want keep posting your slanderous comments that's just more money we will get from you to run our operations..

Good-Luck in court because your going to need it..

KNOCK-KNOCK--Who’s there--well that will be you being served court papers to appear in court..



Posted by :

Mja Inc Staff



Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on July 12, 2016 at 11:25 PM Comments comments ()


Mja Inc Investigations

The Hells Angels & The Ladies

Photos for the Hells Angels can be found at :

Mja Case Photo Gallary

Under :

Mja Inc Investigations Case Photos-- Page 62

Starting Photo : 3691


Ending Photo : 3702


On 3-17-1948 the first Hells Angels Motorcycle Club was founded in the Fontana/San Bernardino area in the United States of America...

During the fifties more Hells Angels Charters came into existence...

From having been exclusively a Californian phenomenon, the club developed internationally in 1961...

On 5-13-1943 the 303rd’s B-17F “Hells Angels” became the first 8th Air force B-17 to complete 25 combat missions during WWII..

This where the motorcycle group got there name..

But we would like to look at the Ladies involved with the Hell Angels..


Bill Ray did capture some really stunning images of the original Hells Angels of Berdoo & their striking “Old Ladies” for LIFE back in 1965...

It is the Old Ladies (actually quite young) who in fact steal the show with their melancholy beauty & faraway stares...

They hold you mesmerized as I search in vain for silent clues to who they were, where they came from, what brought them here...

The role that the Hells Angels women played...

The girls weren’t there in chains, or against their will or anything..

They had to want that life if they were going to be accepted by the Angels...

Many of the Women were surprisingly young: teenagers, or in their early twenties....

In the later years some of the Hells Angels Ladies became Drug Mules & Money Brokers..

But even then the Ladies wasnt considered as being in the Inner Circle for other Business venture's..


Posted by :

Mja Inc--Mark

Shannon Sherrill : Press Release

Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on June 29, 2016 at 9:10 PM Comments comments ()


Mja Inc Investigations

Down below is the Press Release issued by Together We Stand concerning Missing 6 year old Shannon Sherrill who was Abducted on 10-5-1986 from Thorntown Indiana..

This Press Release will be issued to : The FBI--The Indiana AG Office--The Boone County Indiana Prosecutor--The Indiana State Police & to all media out-lets in Indianapolis Indiana..


Prosecutor Todd J. Meyer,


I am writing on behalf of Together We Stand, a national organization of over 1,500 people dedicated to racial equality and social justice. We are writing in reference to the disappearance of 6 year old Shannon Sherrill from Thorntown, Indiana on October 5,1986.

We realize that this is a case that has had no resolution for many years, but we believe with great certainty that the evidence the investigators at MJA Inc have presented are more than sufficient to charge the suspect David E. Penton.

We along with the Sherrill family, MJA Inc Investigations and the Tracy Fort Show, are calling for the prosecution of David E Penton or at the very least a Grand Jury hearing to look into the evidence.

We invite you to listen and or call in to the Tracy Fort Show on July 6, 2016, at 5pm CST, 6pm EST. Investigators with MJA Inc will be presenting this case and welcome your participation.

Should you have any questions for us or need any assistance of any kind, please don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.


Sevgi Fernandez


Together We Stand

1 (800) 528-1084



The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing. ~Albert Einstein


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Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on June 28, 2016 at 9:30 PM Comments comments ()


Mja Inc Investigations

As of 6-1-16 Mja has been operating for 15 years & we have shared alot of success..

Each year we have grown larger,with more staff members and taking on more cases..

At this time we have 44 staff members & 18 of us are related to each other in some way..

Mja has 89 cases we are working on covering 12 States & we are consultants of dozens of cases that isnt in the 12 States we travel too..

Our 3 founding partners would like to thank our Volunteer Staff for all the work they do..

We would like to Thank our staff for the Money they spend & for their Time they give to carry out our work..

Mja would like to Thank our staff members Family for their support because sometimes we are on the road for a month at a time..

Mja would like to Thank our internet contacts--street contacts & informants..

A very Special Thanks goes out to Karen Jo Smith's Family because Missing Karen Jo Smith became our very first case..

Karen Jo's Family is the main reason Mja grew the way it did..

Because the Family would tell other Families about Mja that needed our kind of help & would pass on our contact info..

Special Thanks go out to our clients for trusting Mja & our work & we are Honored to be working on your Loved One's Case..

Special Thanks go out to :

Todd Matthews of the Doe Network--Yahoo Cold Case Group & Namus..

Monica Caison of the Cuecenter..

Patty Beeken Former Founder at 4thekids Missing Kid Services..

Leah of the Indiana K-9 Unit..

During our 15 years Mja has asked these 4 People for advice concerning certain Cases & they alway replied back..

Alot of times their input helped a great deal..

Thanks to Chris's Crime Forum..

To the Law-Enforcement Agencies that we work side by side with because they trust the work we do & these Agencies realize by working togather it benefits the Case..

Mja would like to Thank all the media out-lets that gave news coverage to the Case we are working on..

Special Thanks to Our new Friends :

Sevgi Fernandez is the Founder/CEO of Together We Stand

The Tracy Fort Radio Talk Show


Its an Honor for Mja to be working with you 2 & your Group..

Its been an amazing 15 years & we are excited about the years to come with plans on growing larger to take on more Cases...

Thank you everyone for making a dream come True..

Mja has been Blessed !!


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Mja Inc Investigations

To Our Critic's :

Mja doesn't have to prove anything to you..

First of all Mja was founded because we had a Family Member who was Murdered..

At this time Mja has 44 Staff Members & 18 of us are related in some way..

Mja has shared a lot of success since 6-1-2001 when we started..

Our work is Documented :

Including e-mails to & from Clients--Law-Enforcement & the Media..

Our Loyality is to the Victim & to the Victims Family..

Mja at this time is working on 89 cases covering 12 States...

Mja is also Consultants for dozens of other Cases when there not in the 12 States we travel too..

Mja has documented Evidence that proves our Travels..

Photo's of the crime scenes & our searches & Meeting the Victims Family contact Info..

A lot of the Families we work for has seen our work first hand & that's how we grew so large because they would tell other Families about Mja..

Our Web-Site is an educational tool & most of the Info posted is Public Record..

We make & post {You Tube Video's} concerning some of our Cases..

Mja is known across the Nation..

If Mja didn't have any value we wouldn't have been told by our peers that we are the 3rd leading company in the Nation that does this type of work..

In June 2008 our Mja Web-Site was voted top Web-Site of the Year..

Documented evidence to prove that also..

If Mja wasn't legit we wouldn't have been Guest Speakers at a National Conference for Cold Case Investigators across the Nation..

Mja was invited to speak at the conference by the Indiana State Police..

Mja put on a slide show of the cases we were working on & a lot of those cases we got some input by some of the Cold Case Investigator's at the conference..

That's also Documented by Photo's--- e-mails to & from the Indiana State Police arranging the details.


If Mja didn't know what we were doing we wouldn't have been on a Radio Talk Show about a Death Investigation in Louisiana concerning a Case that Mja were consulting on..

The show aired on 5-25-16 & on 6-2-16 they exhumed the Body to do a full Autopsy because an Autopsy had never been done..

A Death Investigation was never done concerning the case..

Mja was told we had a big part in making this happen but to Mja it was a Team effort..

Mja wasn't the only ones working on the case trying to help the Victims Mother seek the answers she was looking for..

There are No Ego's at this door-step...

Its all about the Case..

Mja was asked by the Radio Host & another group called Togather We Stand if Mja had anymore Cases we could do on the show..

Mja has documented evidence that proves that :

You can listen to the Radio Show the link is on our Web-Site..

Now here is the kicker Mja Never Charges For The Services We Provide..

Its our Staff Members Money & our time we use to do this type of work..

To our Critic's Mja is trying to make a difference & in some Cases we have..

Mja admits we don't know everything & we are not above learning & yes sometimes we have made mistakes..

We are after all Human..

So whats up with your Attitude of Mja trying to help Families in need..

Mja isn't hurting you & as far as I can tell you have nothing to do with our Work..

I cant help it that you have a negative Attitude towards Mja when we can prove who we are & the services we provide..

Its all in Black & White : Do your research before you attack our work & our work ethic & morals & say Mja is a Fake..

You have no factual evidence to back up your Claims..

All you can do is hide behind a key-board & be an Internet Troll & make false Claims..

Mja isn't bragging & we don't have ego's to satisify we are speaking the actual Truth & the facts about Mja..

When Mja has factual evidence that proves we provide the services that's listed on our Web-Site...

All of our work is Documented open your eyes & get a Life & leave Mja alone..


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Releasing Info

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Mja Inc Investigations

TO : All Staff, Web-Site Members, & Guest's :

Please never blog about any Info that has never been released to the Public on any given Case..

There are sound reasons why such Info was never released to the Public..

You must take into account that releasing such Info on a Public Forum could put you or your Loved One's in Danger..

You must remember that as we track Abductor's & Killers some follow Social Media & Public Forums to see how close the investigation is getting to them...

Any Info that you want to share that hasnt been released to the Public should be e-mailed to : [email protected]


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Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on February 25, 2016 at 6:00 PM Comments comments ()


Mja Inc Investigations

Please take 4:50 to watch this Music Video for Our US Troops & their Families..

Try to understand the Gravity of the situation that are Cold Hard Facts that we lose US Troops in War or Conflict..

When we lose a US Troop their loss effects many People & most of all it effects the Families & Friends..


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Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on January 22, 2016 at 6:00 PM Comments comments ()


Mja Inc Investigations

To all Staff--Members--& Visitors,

It has come to our attention by site members that the person going by Weah is running a Money Scam on this web-site..

Anyone that sees something odd on the web-site or someone sending you strange e-mails from our web-site please report it to Mja..


Here is what Weah has been e-mailing :

Hi Dear,

my name is Monica,i saw your profile today and i became interested to contact you, please if you are interesting to know me,kindly contact me with this email address([email protected]

so that i will tell you more about me,also in have something important to tell you,


It against the web-site rules to run scams or for asking for Money..


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Mja Inc Investigations 2015 Operation Figures--Public Record Files

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Mja Inc Investigations

The numbers below are our Public Record Files that Mja releases every year..

At this time Mja has 42 staff members but only 28 staff members are active at this time due to personal leaves..

At this time Mja is working on 89 cases covering 12 States..

All figures are work related for 2015 :

Mja E-Mails : 99,870

Phone Hours : 2798

Research Man-Hours : 55,110

Mja Postings on Web-Sites : 527

2015 On-Line Hours Staff Meetings : 726

Hours of Travel : 567

Miles of Travel : 17,891

Search Man-Hours : 2,330

In 2015 Mja Traveled to only 3 States..

Those States were Vermont--New Hampshire & Indiana..

Even though the States traveled is down for 2015 we worked alot of area's in Indiana...

Those area's being :

Jay County--Portland Indiana--Dunkirk Indiana--Muncie Indiana--Miami County & Grant County & Wabash County--Kokomo Indiana & Howard County--Rush County & Franklin County & Fayette County & Bartholomew County--Indianapolis Indiana--Marion County & Johnson County & Owen County

In 2015 Mja had 22,919 visitors at our web-site located at :

2015 Mja Webmaster Hours : 365

Mja Money Spent for 2015 to operate Mja : $ 12,768.00

The 28 active Mja staff members for 2015 averaged paying $ 456 for the year 2015 to carry out our work..

28 Members X $ 456.00 = ==== $ 12,768.00


In 2015 Mja Spent : $ 12,768.00

In 2015 Mja made $ 16.00 selling items on our web-site at our Mja Gift Shop..



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Indiana 2015 Operations

Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on July 5, 2015 at 1:15 AM Comments comments ()


Mja Inc Investigations

Mja NY staff arrived around 3pm on 6-23-15 to meet our Indiana staff to work on the following cases..

25 Year Old Brianna DiBattiste : 2014 Unsolved Homicide Victim from Dunkirk Indiana..

2 Year Old  Elizabeth Ann Gill : Missing Since 6-13-1965--Missouri.

Nancy Lyons : Disappeared 6-17-02 Rush County Indiana :

Her Remains Found In October 2002 In Bartholomew County...

Shannon Sherrill 6 years old : Missing Since 10-5-1986-INDIANA

Karen Jo Smith : Missing since 12-27-2000-INDIANA

16 Year Old Jason Dale Bolton : Accidental or Murder 8-21-1991--INDIANA

16 Year Old Wendy L Felton : Missing Since 6-4-1987--INDIANA

19 Year Old Tricia L Reitler : Missing Since 3-29-1993--INDIANA

33 Year Old Shannon Rayanne Turner:Missing 12-4-1997-IN


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