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Mja Crime Forums Post New Entry


Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on June 2, 2021 at 7:50 AM Comments comments ()


Mja Inc Investigations

We have a great show tonight..

Please listen to your Host : Mark & your Co-Host : Olivia talk with Wayne Perry one of the leading experts concerning The Bedford Highway Serial Killer..

Mr.Perry has been working on this Case for 34 years because his Sister was one of the Victims of this Serial Killer..


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Mja Inc Staff


Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on November 1, 2019 at 6:10 AM Comments comments ()


Mja Inc Investigations

Listen to your Host : Mark with C/O Host Miss Cali & Guest Speaker Dan talk about American Serial Killer Paul John Knowles..

Its very Educational..


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Mja Inc Staff



Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on October 19, 2019 at 4:10 AM Comments comments ()


Mja Inc Investigations

Listen to your Host :

Mark & co/Host : Miss Cali talk about Child Serial Killer Westley Allan Dodd 's Crimes & his boldness in Abducting Children..


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Mja Inc Staff



Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on May 14, 2017 at 11:10 PM Comments comments ()


Mja Inc Investigations


" When they lay my body down there will be no mourners around "

" When they lay my body down all the woman I put into the ground will never be found "...

Thats complete control !!

Thats complete power over the Victims Family not knowing & will never know what happened to their Family member..

" I am the Reapers murderous hand "


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Mja Inc Staff

Boston's Vanishing Men Ep1: Elise's Cryptid Antiquarian

Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on April 28, 2017 at 9:35 PM Comments comments ()


Mja Inc Investigations

Published on Apr 24, 2017

Welcome to Crawlspace

This is episode one of of coverage of Boston's Vanishing Men..

In this episode we talk to Elise Soper, the blogger who connected a lot of dots in these mysterious deaths...

Visit Elise Soper's Cryptid Antiquarian blog:



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Mja Inc--Mark


Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on December 11, 2016 at 7:40 PM Comments comments ()


Mja Inc Investigations

Photo's concerning these Female Serial Killers can be found @ :

Mja Case Photo Gallary

Click on : Mja Inc Investigations Case Photo's

Go to : PAGE ---- 70

Starting Photo :  4180


Ending Photo :  4188




Lizzie Halliday was an American serial killer responsible for the deaths of four people in upstate New York during the 1890s....

In 1894 Lizzie Halliday became the first woman to be sentenced to be executed by the electric chair ..

But Halliday's sentence was commuted & she spent the rest of her life in a mental institution...

Halliday killed a nurse while institutionalized & there was speculation that she may have killed at least two more people & her husbands from previous marriages..

Halliday died on June 18, 1918

The Murders

In May 1893 the Halliday's mill/residence burned down killing John Halliday, Paul's mentally handicapped son...

Lizzie was again suspected of setting the fire since she was known to have disliked John...

Lizzie Halliday was arrested & sent to an asylum transferred to another but then declared cured & released returning home to Paul Halliday...

Paul Halliday disappeared in August of that year....

Lizzie claimed he had gone to a nearby town to do some masonry work...

Following the neighbors' suspicions that something was not right about Lizzie's story a search warrant was obtained on 9-4-1893 the bodies of two women were found buried in hay in a barn...

Both Women had been shot...

The women were later identified as Margaret & Sarah McQuillan New York residents who were part of the family Lizzie had stayed with in Philadelphia...

Lizzie was kept in custody & some thought she was merely faking insanity...

A few days after the McQuillans were found, Paul Halliday's mutilated body was discovered under the floorboards of his house....

Paul Halliday had also been shot...

Lizzie was charged with the murders & held for trial at the Sullivan County jail in Monticello, New York...

During Lizzie Halliday's first few months there she refused to eat -- attacked the sheriff's wife -- set fire to her own bed -- tried to hang herself & cut her own throat with broken glass about which she said: "I thought I would cut myself to see if I would bleed." 

Lizzie Halliday jailers were forced to chain her to the floor during her remaining months there...



Amy Duggan "Sister" Archer-Gilligan

Archer-Gilligan was a Windsor Connecticut nursing home proprietor & Serial Killer...

She murdered at least five people by poisoning them...

One of Archer-Gilligan's  victims was her second husband Michael Gilligan & the others were residents of her nursing home...

Between 1907 & 1917  there were 60 deaths in the Archer Home...

Relatives of her clients grew suspicious as they tallied the large number of deaths...

Only 12 residents died between 1907 & 1910...

But 48 residents died between 1911 and 1916...

Archer-Gilligan was arrested & tried for murder originally on five counts...

On 6-18-1917 a jury found her guilty & Archer-Gilligan was sentenced to death...

Archer-Gilligan appealed & was granted a new trial in 1919...

At this trial Amy Duggan "Sister" Archer-Gilligan pleaded insanity...

Archer-Gilligan was again found guilty of murder & was sentenced to life imprisonment...

In 1924 Archer-Gilligan was declared to be temporarily insane & was transferred to the Connecticut Hospital for the Insane in Middletow..

Where Amy Duggan "Sister" Archer-Gilligan remained until her death on 4-23-1962..



Nannie Doss [born Nancy Hazel ]

Nannie Doss was an American serial killer responsible for the deaths of 11 people between the 1920s &1954...

Nannie Doss was referred to as the Giggling nannie, Lonely Hearts Killer, The Black Widow, Lady Blue Beard and was called "self-made widow" by a newspaper..

Nannie Doss finally confessed to the murders in October 1954 after her fifth husband had died in a small hospital in Tulsa Oklahoma...

In all it was revealed that she had killed four husbands -- two children -- her two sisters -- her mother -- a grandson & a mother-in-law...

Doss confessed to killing four of her husbands -- her mother -- her sister Dovie -- her grandson Robert & her mother-in-law Lanning...

Nannie Doss was found  mentally fit for trial...

Nannie Doss pleaded guilty on 5-17-1955 & was sentenced to life imprisonment...

The state did not pursue the death penalty due to her gender....

Doss was never charged with the other deaths...

However many sources indicate she killed 8-11 people...

Nannie Doss died from leukemia in the hospital ward of the Oklahoma State Penitentiary in 1965..



Bertha Gifford was a farmwife in rural Catawissa, Missouri during the early 1900s who was accused of murdering 17 members of the local community...

Some consider Gifford to be America's third female serial killer behind Lydia Sherman & Jane Toppan...

In 1928 Gifford — known in her community for her cooking skills & caring for sick neighbors & relatives — was arrested at Eureka, Missouri & charged with the murders of three people...

Following the exhumation & post-mortem exams of Edward Brinley & Elmer & Lloyd Schamel the men's bodies were found to contain large amounts of arsenic...

Gifford was put on trial for their murders in Union Missouri...

Following the three-day trial Bertha Gifford was found not guilty by reason of insanity & committed to the Missouri State Hospital #4 (a Mental Institution) where she remained until her death in 1951...

Although counts vary most historians & family members agree that Gifford actually killed at least 17 people over a period of 21 years...



Aileen Carol Wuornos was an American serial killer & prostitute who killed seven men in Florida between 1989 & 1990 by shooting them at point blank range...

Wuornos claimed that her victims had either raped or attempted to rape her while she was working as a prostitute & that all of the homicides were committed in self-defense...

Wuornos was convicted & sentenced to death for six of the murders & was executed by lethal injection on 10-9-2002..

Wuornos was incarcerated at the Florida Department of Corrections Broward Correctional Institution (BCI) death row for women, then transferred to the Florida State Prison for execution..

On 1-9-1991 Wuornos was arrested on an outstanding warrant at The Last Resort a biker bar in Volusia County..

On 1-16-1991 Wuornos confessed to the murders....

Aileen Carol Wuornos claimed the men had tried to rape her & she killed them in self-defense...


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Mja Inc Staff



Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on December 10, 2016 at 5:25 PM Comments comments ()


Mja Inc Investigations

Photo's concerning these Serial Killers can be found at our :

Mja Case Photo Gallary

Click on to : Mja Inc Investigations Case Photo's

Go to : PAGE --- 70

Starting Photo  : 4171


Ending Photo  : 4179



These Serial Killers whether Evil -- Disturbed or just plain Mental..

Our society seems to have both a repulsion & fascination with the lives & minds of evil Serial Killers...

Who are these serial killers & what motivates them to take the life of another human being ?

We really don’t know leaving several questions left unanswered...

But what we do know is that as humans we are capable of some gruesome things...

Take these torture devices which are meant to inflict the most pain possible...

What sort of mind comes up with such terrible devices for the specific reason of torture ?

Serial killers in desguise maybe ?

Who knows....


The Most Evil Serial Killers :

Serial Killer : Mack Ray Edwards

Mack Ray Edwards was an American serial killer who killed his-self on 10-30-1971..


Edwards murdered at least six children in Los Angeles County, California between 1953 & 1970..

Edwards was a heavy equipment operator contracted by Caltrans & he worked on freeways...

The body of one of his victims was found underneath the Santa Ana Freeway & he claimed to have disposed another of his victims under the Ventura Freeway...

Edwards killed three children from 1953 to 1956 & three more in 1968 & 1969...

In 1970 Edwards & a teenage male accomplice kidnapped three girls from their home in Sylmar California..

When the girls escaped Edwards surrendered to police & confessed to molesting & murdering six children....

After three bodies were recovered Edwards pleaded guilty to three counts of murder & was sentenced to death...

On 10-30-1971 following two unsuccessful attempts Edwards was successful in committing suicide by hanging himself with a television cord in his cell in San Quentin State Prison...


Serial Killer : Donald Henry Gaskins

Donald Henry Gaskins

In 1969 Gaskins began killing a series of hitchhikers he picked up while driving around the coastal highways of the American South, torturing & mutilating his Victims...

Gaskins claimed to have killed 80 to 90 people...

Gaskins was arrested in 1975 when a criminal associate confessed to police that he had witnessed Gaskins killing two young men....

Gaskins was convicted of eight murders and was sentenced to death which was later commuted to life imprisonment without parole...

Remarkably Gaskins went on to commit another murder within the high security prison...

Gaskins killed a fellow inmate...

Gaskins is the only man to have ever killed an inmate on death row...


Serial Killer : Edmund Kemper

Edmund Kemper

Kemper was known as “The Co-ed Killer”...

Edmund Kemper is an American serial killer & necrophile who carried out a series of brutal murders in California in the 1970s...

Kemper murdered his grandparents when he was 15 years old then later killed & dismembered six female hitchhikers in the Santa Cruz area...

Edmund Kemper then murdered his mother & one of her friends before turning himself in to the police days later...

Kemper was found guilty in November 1973 of eight counts of murder...

Kemper asked for the death penalty but instead received life imprisonment without the possibility of parole....


Serial Killer : David Berkowitz

David Berkowitz

Known as the  " Son of Sam "or the " 44 Caliber Killer "....

David Berkowitz carried out a series of shootings in the summer of 1976...

Victims : 6 Killed & 7 Wounded

Using a .44 calibre Bulldog revolver the Son Of Sam shot six people dead & wounded seven others...

Berkowitz sent a series of taunting letters to police & the press promising further shootings terrorizing the people of New York City..

David Berkowitz the " Son Of Sam was eventually captured in August 1977...

Berkowitz confessed to all of the killings & was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison for each murder...

It is unlikely that Berkowitz will ever be released...


Serial Killer : Dennis Rader

Dennis Rader

Rader Was Known As The BTK Killer

The BTK Killer or the BTK Strangler sent letters describing the details of the murders to police and local news outlets before his arrest...

Dennis Rader murdered 10 people in Sedgwick County Wichita Kansas between 1974 & 1991...

Rader was Obsessed with Notoriety...

Rader sent taunting letters to police under the name BTK which stood for ‘Bind, Torture, Kill’...

The BTK wrote a letter claimed that he had murdered Vicki Wegerle on 9-16-1986..

BTK enclosed photographs of the crime scene & a photocopy of her driver's license which had been stolen at the time of the crime...

Rader stalked his victims before breaking into their homes & then bound their limbs before strangling them...

The BTK having disappeared in 1988 but the BTK reemerged in 2005 when he sent a floppy disc to the press (this was to be his downfall)...

Tracing him via the floppy disc Rader was arrested & charged upon which he immediately confessed...

Dennis Lynn Rader is serving 10 consecutive life sentences with an earliest possible release date of 2-26-2180..


Serial Killer : Arthur Shawcross

Arthur Shawcross

Shawcross was known as the Genesee River Killer..

Shawcross first killed in 1972 by sexually assaulting & murdering a 10-year-old boy after luring him into a wooded area in Watertown New York...

Arthur Shawcross then raped & killed an eight-year-old girl for which he was captured & convicted of manslaughter...

Shawcross served 14 years in prison & he was released in 1988...

Arthur Shawcross went onto brutally kill 12 female prostitutes between the ages of 22 and 59...

Serial Killer Shawcross  was eventually captured at the scene of his last murder...

Shawcross confessed to all 12 murders & was sentenced to a 250 years imprisonment...

Arthur Shawcross died in prison of cardiac arrest in 2008...


Serial Killer : Tommy Lynn Sells

Tommy Lynn Sells

Tommy  Sells has claimed to have killed at least 70 people...

Tommy Lynn Sells is considered one of the most dangerous offenders in Texas...

Sells has been convicted of several brutal murders between 1985 & 1999 including stabbing a 13 year old girl 16 times...

Sells was eventually captured after breaking into the bedroom of a 10 year old girl then stabbing her & leaving her for dead..

Despite her injures the girl managed to survive & alert her neighbors...

The surviving 10 year old Girl provided a detailed description of Sells to police which eventually led to his capture...

Sentenced to death Tommy Lynn Sells remains on death row at a high security prison in Livingston Texas...


Serial Killer  :  Richard Ramirez

Richard Ramirez

Ramirez was known as the “Night Stalker”...

Ricardo Leyva Muñoz Ramírez was an American serial killer & Satan worshiper who terrorized Los Angeles between 1984 & 1985...

Nicknamed the “Night Stalker” Ramirez broke into the homes of many of his victims & then shot-- stabbed -- rapped & mutilated them...

The Night Stalker victims ranged between the ages of a nine year old girl to a married couple in their late sixties...

Notably Ramirez the Night Stalker smeared pentagrams on the walls of his crime scenes...

Ramirez the Night Stalker was captured in 1985..

Ramirez was sentenced to death & remained on California’s death row for 23 years until he died of complications from B-cell lymphoma in June 2013...


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Mja Inc Staff


South Carolina : Serial Killer Todd Kohlhepp & Indiana : Serial Killer Carl "Charlie" Brandt 

Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on November 10, 2016 at 2:45 AM Comments comments ()


Mja Inc Investigations

Todd Kohlhepp

Police found Kala Brown 30, who had been missing since 8-31-16 chained inside a metal storage container on Kohlhepp’s land...

Bodies found on suspected serial killer's land identified : Two bodies found on the rural property of a South Carolina man linked to five other deaths...

Todd Kohlhepp as a teen was sentenced to 14 years in prison in Arizona for binding & raping a 14-year-old neighbor at gunpoint... He was Released in 2001..


Carl "Charlie" Brandt  : While growing up in Indiana the 13 year old Brandt had shot his parents – his pregnant mother fatally – in 1971...

Carl "Charlie" Brandt spent one year at a psychiatric hospital before being released & was never criminally charged..

Brandt's Father & Sister survived the attack..

The Indiana Courts made the Father take Charlie & move out of state--They settled in Florida..

On 9-15-2004 Charlies Brandt was found hanging from the rafters of the garage & inside the home was Brandt's wife & niece dead--Charlie being the guilty one..

Carl "Charlie" Brandt : The search led to twenty-six unsolved murders in Florida going back to 1973, the year Brandt moved to the state..

Some cold cases have since been positively ascribed to Brandt by the authorities...

Brandt had a job with a software company & he traveled the east coast & some of these area's were targeted by one of the Connecticut River Valley Serial Killers..

When are Judges going to learn that these young offenders doing these types of crime are never going to change & we aren't talking about petty crimes...

Then you have these people say its unjust to give them Life in Prison because of their Age..

Did these Judges actually believe as they get older they grow out of this type of behavior ?

In these two sample cases shows the Judges were not protecting the Public & or even thought about..

You Judges set two Monsters free to carry on right were they left off..

These two case samples is reality & truth when you Release young offenders after doing such crimes--they all continue to Abduct-Rape & Kill...

Can you count the live's that would have been saved if these two had never been released ?

At this time there is not a finished number of kills for Carl "Charlie" Brandt because he is still being investigated by several Agencies..


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Mja Inc--Mark

UP-DATE : California Doe's Located on 7-8-1979 --IDENTIFIED

Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on October 6, 2016 at 10:30 PM Comments comments ()


Mja Inc Investigations

Photo concerning this up-date can be found at our : Mja Case Photo Gallary..

Go to  : Mja Inc Investigations Case Photo's

Go to : Page-- 67

Starting Photo :  3997


Ending Photo :  4002



John & Jane Doe found on 7-8-1979 in Mendocino County California have been INDENTIFIED..

Their Remains were found in the area of milepost marker 21 Highway 20,West of Willits,in Mendocino County CA...

After forensic DNA testing it was determined they were not maternally related..


It is believed they were teenage boyfriend & girlfriend from the Midwest & most likely hitchhiking to get away from their families..




Kerry Graham & Francine Trimble

They were best friends & they both Vanished With-Out A Trace on 12-16-1978 after leaving their homes in Forestville, California to visit a shopping mall in Santa Rosa...

When the Victims were found on July 8, 1979 in Mendocino County California both Victims had been bound with duct tape & concealed with plastic before being buried in a shallow grave..

Graham was first Indentified as a Male { John Doe } when further testing revealed the Remains were those of a Female..


Kerry Graham & Francine Trimble were INDENTIFIED in November 2015..

Several Serial Killers have been identified as persons of interest in the case...

The speculation of a Serial Killer being the perpetrator was conceived due to the number of Females found murdered during the decade & in the same county that the victims disappeared..

No definite suspects have been named..



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Mja Inc--Mark


Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on January 17, 2016 at 11:10 PM Comments comments ()



Mja Inc Investigations

Serial Killers :

Photo's concerning these Cases can be found :

Mja Case Photo Gallary :

Under :

Mja Inc Investigations Case Photo's

Starting Photo : 3391


Ending Photo :  3420


1980's Child Serial Killer Strikes In Alabama..

David E Penton had at least 2 Victims In Alabama..

On 6-1-1984 a 16 year old white female went Missing from Rockford Alabama located in Coosa County...

On 6-6-1984 a 12 year old white female went Missing from Greenville Alabama located in Butler County..

These towns are about 55 miles apart from each other & at the time they were one street light towns..

1980's Child Serial Killer : David E Penton has at least one Victim from Indiana..

On 10-5-1986 a 6 year old white female went Missing from Thorntown Indiana..

Its a 2 street light town but the Mobile Home Park where the 6 year old female was abducted from is off the Main Roads..

Some of Penton's M.O's. was to Abduct Children from Park Benches & Children that are left in car's unattended..

There are other Cases in Texas--Alabama--Illinois--Michigan--Ohio--Pennsylvania that fits Penton's M.O...


American Serial Killer : Joel David Rifkin

Joel the Ripper

Joel Rifkin was convicted of the murders of nine women mostly drug-addicted prostitutes between 1989 & 1993 in New York City...

It is believed he killed as many as 17 women..

Joel David Rifkin is suspected by some to be responsible for some of the Long Island Prostitute Murders ...

Those remains were found in March & April 2011 four of his victims' bodies were never found...

Rifkin often hired prostitutes in Brooklyn & Manhattan he lived in East Meadow a suburban town on Long Island...

Joel David Rifkin first murder was in 1989, killing a woman in his home in East Meadow Nassau County Long Island, New York...

Over the next four years, it is presumed Rifkin killed 16 more women...

Sometimes he would take his victims back to East Meadow New York, to the house..

This is where he lived with his sister and elderly mother or other times he killed them in his car...

After his final arrest in 1993, Rifkin was implicated in the murder of a woman..

The Woman's severed head was discovered on a Hopewell New Jersey golf course on 3-5-1989..

In 2013 investigators determined this Victim :

A prostitute named Heidi Balch, was the same woman that he described as Rifkin's first Victim..

On 6-28-1993 Police caught up with Joel David Rifkin..,

At that time he had the corpse of 22 year old prostitute & dancer Tiffany Bresciani in the back of Rifkin's truck..

This was Rifkin's final Victim...


" Connecticut River Valley Killer "

The "Connecticut River Valley Killer : An unidentified Serial Killer..

The Serial Killer is responsible for a series of similar knife murders..

The Murders took place mostly in & around Claremont New Hampshire & the Connecticut River Valley in the 1980s...

In the mid 1980s three young women disappeared from the Claremont New Hampshire area...

In 1985 & 1986 the skeletal remains of two of the vanished women were recovered..

They were within about a thousand feet of each other in a wooded area in Kelleyville New Hampshire...

Seven homicides are commonly cited as being conclusively linked to the Connecticut River Valley killer...

American Serial Killer Michael Andrew Nicholaou traveled these area's..

Victims from :

Claremont New Hampshire & New London New Hampshire & Massachusetts/Vermont Border & Charlestown New Hampshire & West Swanzey New Hampshire & Plainfield New Hampshire & New Boston New Hampshire & Saxtons River Vermont & Hartford Vermont & Hartland Vermont...

In the mid 1980s, three young women disappeared from the Claremont area...

Another attack : A 36-year-old woman white female was stabbed to death in a frenzied attack inside her home in Saxtons River Vermont..

On 10-24-1978 a 27-year-old white female was last seen photographing birds at the Chandler Brook Wetland Preserve in New London New Hampshire...

The next day her body with at least 29 stab wounds was found yards away from where she was last seen...

On 7-25-1981 a 37-year-old white female from Vermont disappeared & was last seen hitchhiking on the Massachusetts/Vermont border..

If you want to read more about possible Victims please click on the link below or copy & paste :

" Connecticut River Valley Killer "

Number One Suspect : American Serial Killer Michael Andrew Nicholaou..

Michael Andrew Nicholaou was a Vietnam Veteran & he earned two Purple Hearts & two Silver Stars & two Bronze Stars..

To date no conclusions have been publicly announced..

Nicholaou has not been conclusively linked to the crimes of the Connecticut River Valley killer...

Nicholaou has a slight resemblance to some sketches by witnesses & some of his vehicles match..

It was in Virginia that Nicholaou met Michelle Ashley & soon after moved to Holyoke Massachusetts where the couple had two children : Nick & Joy...

As his marriage to Michelle became more troubled there was no trace of Michelle or the two children....

On 12-31-2005 Michael Andrew Nicholaou shot & killed his present Wife & Step-Daughter in a Tampa Florida Home & then killed himself..


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Mja Inc Staff



1980's Child Serial Killer : David E Penton

Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on December 29, 2015 at 1:05 AM Comments comments ()


Mja Inc Investigations

Photo's concerning these Cases can be found :

Mja Case Photo Gallary :

Under :

Mja Inc Investigations Case Photo's

Starting Photo : 3289


Ending Photo : 3300


In June 2006 Mja was invited by the Ohio Department Of Corrections to question an Ohio Inmate Informant concerning one of our Cases...

This Inmate Informant was the former Cell-Mate of Child Serial Killer David E Penton..

They were Cell -Mates for 5 years..

The Inmate Informant heard nothing from Penton but his crimes across the United States..

They were locked in the cell 23 hours a day so Penton done a lot of talking...

After Penton was moved to another Prison his Cell-Mate came forward...

This Ohio Inmate Informant helped the State of Texas get 3 convictions against Penton..

This Inmate informant is so good that he got Texas Police 90 feet from the remains of one of Penton's Child Victims..

This Inmate Informant gave Police info about one of Pentons former addresses :

That in one of the corners of the attic there will be an item that will have DNA Evidence on it..

Sure enough that item was there & that item had 7 different DNA profiles from that item..

The Inmate Informant gave me the contact of the Detective that handled the Texas Cases..

Mja contacted that Texas Detective & we spoke several times through the years...

Mja & this Texas Detective put togather case profiles that fits Pentons M.O. & not all of those cases were from Texas...

Our research can safely say that we have connected Penton to 35 Cases..

Some of the Victims have been found & some have not..

Take into account that the Inmate Informant couldn't get a reduced sentence for turning over this Info..

What ever his motives are all we can say & know its not for a reduced sentence..

Mja & the Texas Detective contact 17 states concerning some of their unsolved cold cases involving Children..

After talking to these other States they added Cases that could be linked to Penton..

The figure might be as high as 50 + Child Victims..

Penton said in a Media interview that he would give up the locations of the Bodies if a State gives him the Death Sentence...

Its been our Hope that these States would step-up & prosecute Penton & sentence him to Death so he can make a deal if he gave up the locations of the bodies...

Pentons not getting any younger...

Its Society's Duty to do so..

A lot of Prosecutors are worried when it comes to prosecuting a case like this with no smoking-gun or direct evidence that ties Penton to the case..

But the Inmate Informant had direct knowledge of details that were never released to the Public..

Then take into account while Penton was in Jail inTexas going to trial on those cases : Penton talked to 2-cell-mates & confessed to the same crimes that he had confessed to his Ohio Cell Mate..

The two Texas Jail Inmates & the Ohio Prison Inmate didn't know each other & was never in contact with each other..

But yet all 3 are telling the same stories that thay had heard from Penton..

Since 2007 Mja & the Texas Detective have been contacting Officials trying to get a Federal Task Force concerning Child Killer Penton..

Penton has been known to cross state-lines with his Child Victims..

The FBI can get involved so that would make it a Federal Task Force..

Promises had been made to investigate these Cases..

But that process is slow & in between..

The Texas Detective already put togather the case files..

So its up to the States involved to nail down these Facts as to be True..

Its time to speed thing up..

When we know the other cases with this Inmate Informants Info took no-longer than 4 years to get a conviction....


Posted by :

Mja Inc--Mark


Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on November 17, 2015 at 3:55 PM Comments comments ()


Mja Inc Investigations

Kansas : Three 1980's Missing Person Cases

Kansas : 1980's Serial Killer

Photos for these cases can be found at : Mja Case Photo Gallary

Under : Mja Inc Investigations Case Photos

Starting Photo : 3121


Ending Photo : 3132


Missing 24 Year Old : Joan Marie Butler

White Female

Butler went Missing on 6-18-1989 from Overland Park Kansas..

Joan Butler was last seen during the early morning hours of Sunday 6-18-1989..

Evidence at Joan Butler's apartment indicates she made it home & was interrupted...

She and her red Chevrolet Corsica rental car were missing along with the $900 in her bank account...

On 6-25-1989 the rental car was located in a Lenexa Kansas apartment complex...

A man approached the vehicle & opened the trunk...

As he was approached by the police he abruptly closed the trunk & was able to flee & escape apprehension...

The car was processed on 6-26-1989..

Evidence from the interior of the car included fingerprints, belonging to Richard Grissom..

As well as a wallet containing identification for Grissom and his many aliases...

An air pistol, pellets and CO2 cartridges...

In the trunk, a drop of blood, later linked to Miss Butler was found...


Missing 22 Year Old : Christine Rusch

White Female

Missing since 6-26-1989 from Lenexa Kansas...

Christine Rusch & her roommate, Theresa Brown, vanished on 6-26-1989..

They were last seen in their apartment in Trafalgar Square on Sunday 6-25-1989..

Two days later while looking for a suspect in the disappearance of another local girl, Joan Butler..

The car of Richard Grissom was found parked outside a Grandview apartment...

Evidence was found & collected from Grissom's car along with keys to the apartments of the roommates & Butler...


Missing 22 Year Old : Theresa Brown

White Female

Missing since 6-26-1989 from Lenexa Kansas..

In suspect Richard Grissom's car evidence was found belonging to the two missing room-mates Christine Rusch & Theresa Brown..

In 1990 Grissom was convicted of the murders of Joan Butler, Christine Rusch, & Theresa Brown...

In 1990, Kansas did not have the death penalty, a fact of which Grissom seemed to be very much aware...

During the investigation he alluded that the women's remains would not be located in Missouri because Missouri had the death penalty...

Despite intensive searching both locally & across the country the women have never been located...


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Mja Inc Staff

Child Serial Killers

Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on April 1, 2015 at 3:05 AM Comments comments ()


Mja Inc Investigations

The Child Hunter's Are Being Hunted

There is a pattern of at least One Child Serial Killer is out there & been doing these Crimes for 25 years..

Child Serial Killers : Homicide Victims

The Victims that have been found some of these Cases Have Been Ruled Homicide's.....

Child Serial Killers : Victims That Are Still Missing

These types of Child Serial Killers started forming a pattern..

If Mja could find a common evidence that points in a Direction to follow..

We will have a better chance of recovery concerning many Serial Killers...

David E Penton : 1980's Child Serial Killer

Penton has 3 convictions in Texas not counting his own childs death...

Penton was caught in 1988 in Ohio Case involving the Death of a 9 year old female..

Penton use to travel from Texas to Ohio back to Texas taking different routes..

Mja is tracking Penton in 17 States from 1983 to 1988..

Penton could have 50 Victims...

Some Victims have been found & some havent..


California Child Serial Killer : Mack Ray EDWARDS

Mack Ray Edwards (1918 ? 30 October 1971) was an American serial killer...

He murdered at least six children in Los Angeles County, California between 1953 and 1970..

As a heavy equipment operator contracted by Caltrans, he worked on freeways...

The body of one of his victims was found underneath the Santa Ana Freeway...

He claimed to have disposed another of his victims under the Ventura Freeway....

It is Suspected that Edward's body count is alot higher...


Child Serial Killer : Arthur Gary Bishop

Arthur Gary Bishop (September 29, 1952 ? June 10, 1988) was a convicted American child molester and serial killer...

He confessed to the murders of five young boys in 1983, as a result of a routine police investigation...

Bishop killed his first victim, a four-year-old on 10-14-1979...

Bishop lured the boy from the courtyard of his apartment complex to his own apartment with the promise of free candy...

After attempting to sexually assault the child, Bishop drowned him in a bathtub, and subsequently buried the boy's body in the desert....


Child Serial Killer : William Bonin

William George Bonin (January 8, 1947 ? February 23, 1996) was an American serial killer..

A 2 time paroled sex offender..

Who committed the rape, torture & murder of a minimum of 21 boys & young men in a series of killings between 1979 and 1980 in southern California...

He is sometimes referred to as "The Freeway Killer"..Bonin is also suspected of committing a further fifteen murders. He was convicted of 14 of these murders and subsequently executed in 1996....


Child Serial Killer : Westley Allan Dodd

Westley Allan Dodd was an American psychopathic serial killer & child molester...

He has been called "one of the most evil killers in history"...

His execution on January 5, 1993, was the first legal hanging (at his own request) in the United States since 1965...

At the age of 15, Dodd was arrested for indecent exposure, but police let him go with a recommendation of juvenile counseling...

As the years passed, he would be arrested several more times, again with no serious action taken...

After some neighborhood kids moved out of town, he began molesting children he didn't know...

Dodd was charged with first-degree murder in the deaths of the Neer brothers and Lee Iseli, plus attempted kidnapping of another child...

He initially pleaded not guilty to all charges, but later changed his mind...Lee Iseli, was 4 years old..

Every Crime Leaves Foot-Prints To Follow

Sometimes when dealing with Cold-Cases it takes the Right Set Of Eyes to produce Leads in any given Case..

Mja has put our Foot-Prints on some of these Cases as the contact Info is Mja..


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Mja Inc Staff

The Child Hunter Is Being Hunted

Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on March 31, 2015 at 2:55 AM Comments comments ()


Mja Inc Investigations

To Whom It May Concern

{The Unknown Child Serial Killer }

Mja doesnt mind spending every day parked on a corner in the pouring rain staking you out it moves the Hunt along..

Our minds & eyes are wide open for anything that might come along..

Your mistake's & regret's they are memories made..

There are No Time Outs to start over...

Its only a matter of time because Mja has a plan..

Looking down at one of your Child Victims I saw a Child Angel thats for-sure..

Mja has seen death but you got the blood stream of the Devil & a Animal running through your vains that wont go away...

When your deaf--blind-- & dumb your stone cold eyes you can see the Evil of the Devil & a rabited Animal..

Mja has seen the pain & seen Families torn apart because of what you inflicted on to the Victims Family..

Mja will lose sleep & stay up all night hoping one night you cant control yourself & catch you in the act of the Crime..

You once said you would never be found because you live ocean to ocean..

Mja will get JUSTICE for some of your Victims..

Mja couldnt stay away & we hoped you would see our faces so you will know that for Mja it isnt over..

Our staff can see through your lies that will end up giving you away..

It must be getting hard for you to breath because all this time you have been blinded..

Your comfort Zone as been corrupted..

You got tunnel vision & your Victims came first & your safety of not being seen came last..

A pattern started to form because you had no Control...

Your life as you know it is running out on a clock that will stop when you least expect it...

Mja knows where you hide alone while driving your vehicle..

Your stuck & your out of luck & there is no way your talking your way out of these crimes..

There is no way of you coming back to the streets..

A Death Sentence could be handed down by several States & its our understanding no deal can be made...

So at least you will get Life with No Parole..

Your pure Evil & your eyes are stone cold with no feelings..

This could be the end of you killing Children because everything we know...

Mja will be on our way...

Please Dont Forget US....

Photo's In Our Photo Gallart under Mja Inc Investigations Case Photo's

Starting with Photo : 2593


Ending with Photo : 2601


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Mja Inc Staff


Mja Case You Tube Video -- Part : 6

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Mja Inc Invesstigations

On 9-21-14 Mja posted video on You Tube -- Part : 6


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Mja Inc Staff

Mja Case You Tube Video -- Part : 5

Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on September 17, 2014 at 8:00 PM Comments comments ()


Mja Inc Invesstigations

On 9-16-14 Mja posted video on You Tube -- Part : 5


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Mja Inc Staff

UP-DATED : It Happened @ The Water's Edge..

Posted by Mja Inc Investigations on April 1, 2014 at 5:00 PM Comments comments ()


Mja Inc Investigations

To The One Who This Concerns :

We hear your messages loud & clear..

Mja understands the gravity of the situation..

But as you see Mja doesnt turn the other cheek for we seek Justice..


Mja has a case profile & your mistakes you made along the way..

Each Victim that you want to be found says alot about those Victims who have never been found..

Meeting The Victim

You met the Victim at a Lake Broadwalk..

You & the Victim shared small talk, a couple of rides & a drink..

But you couldnt get the Victim alone..

You Stalked Victim

You followed the Victim to a Lake Resort where she was staying for her vacation..

Mountain Lake : Warning Deep Water

Mja knows the deepest part of the lake is 260 feet...

Its safe to say there is some type of evidence concerning other crimes at the bottom of the lake..

Crime Scene

We know there is a logging road that has the closest path to the deepest water...

Abduction Of The Victim

You abducted the Victim around 12:30am while she was taking a walk at the Lake Resort Park..

Crime Scene

You brought the Victim to another Lake  location where you Raped & Strangled & Murdered the Victim..

Your Victim Was Found

The Victim was found down by the water's edge 3 days after her abduction...


Karma has found its way back to you...

There is a witness to your evil deed..

Please watch the following music video & listen to the words & you will understand your days are numbered..

Seven Mary Three - Water's Edge (Video)

This is just a taste of the case profile & Mja will see you soon !!


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Mja Inc Staff

Let Us Not Forget The Young Couples Murdered..

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Mja Inc Investigations

Homicide Victims : Stanley Skridla & Mary Jane Reed

In Oregon Illinois on the evening of 6-25-1948..

17-year-old Mary Jane Reed was on a date with 28-year-old Stanley Skridla...

The couple went to a few nightspots & was last seen driving toward the local lover's lane on the outskirts of town...

On 6-26-1948 Stanley Skridla's body was found at the side of the road...

The 28 year old Stanley Skridla was shot several time but he still had his wallet..

Ruling out robbery & Skridla's vehicle was found a half a mile away..

 Four days later : Mary Jane’s body was found in a ditch two miles north of Stanley's Body..

Miss Reed was shot once in the head & there didn’t seem to be any sign of sexual assault..

Mary Jane Reed | Kimberley O'Brien: Chicago Armchair Detective

Exhumation Requested in Ogle County Murder Case




Homicide Victims : Stephen Harkins and Ruth Cooper

On 8-10-1985 27-year-old Stephen Harkins & his 42-year-old girlfriend Ruth Cooper Vanished WithOut A Trace

The Couple left Tacoma, Washington & arrivied at a forest in South Pierce County to go camping...

Four days later:

Stephen Harkins was found murdered...

Harkins had been shot to death in a sleeping bag along with his dog...

It would be two months before Ruth Cooper's body would be found..

The 42 year old Cooper was found near a dead-end road with a tube sock around her neck.

Ruth Cooper had been decapitated & her head was found some distance away...

Police believe that the Harkins & Cooper
murders were connected to the murder of Diana Robertson & with the disappearance of her boyfriend Mike Riemer In December of 1985..


Homicide Victims : Mike Riemer & Diana Robertson

In December 1985 :

36-year-old trapper Mike Riemer
took his girlfriend Diana Robertson & their daughter Crystal into the woods near Tacoma, Washington to look for a Christmas tree...

That afternoon Crystal was found wandering around a department store without her parents...

Crystal was later identified after her photo was placed in the newspaper & her maternal grandmother recognized the child..

Mike & Diana had Vanished WithOut A Trace..

Two months later :

Diana Robertson's body was found deep in the forest around Elbe, Washington..

Diana Robertson had been stabbed seventeen times & had a tube sock tied around her neck & there was no sign of Mike..

Police: Skull Is That Of Man Who Disappeared In 1985

Remains Found Near Mineral Identified as Man Missing Since 1985


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Mja Inc Staff

Serial Killer : Israel Keyes Ruled Out In Maitland Case

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Mja Inc Investigations

Missing 17 Year Old Female Brianna Maitland

On 3-19-2004 a 17 year old white female left work @ 11:20pm in Montgomery Vermont..

Her vehicle was found 1.3 miles from her work place..

The car had been rammed into reverse into an abandon house.which is in route to her home...

Miss Maitland was last seen on 3-19-2004 in her vehicle leaving the parking-lot of her work place..

The 17 year old Maitland had 2 jobs & lived with a Family Friend in Sheldon Vermont....

Mja began working on this case on 4-3-2004 & early on our experience told us that Miss Maitland could be a victim of a serial killer..

Serial Killer : Israel Keyes Ruled Out In Maitland Case

Serial killer Israel Keyes had no involvement in the 2004 disappearance of Vermont teenager Brianna Maitland, according to the FBI...

Financial records prove he was elsewhere March 19, 2004, when the 17-year-old Maitland vanished after leaving work at a Franklin County restaurant..

FBI Special Agent Jolene Goeden said.“We were able to rule him out,” Goeden told the Burlington Free Press.

Even though Keyes has been ruled out concerning the Maitland Case..

There are still 4 other possible serial killers who should be considered as Suspects in the disappearance of Miss Maitland..

2 of those serial killers killed themselfs before being arrested & 1 has been caught & Mja feels there is another Serial Killer still operating..


Posted by :

Mja Inc--Mark

Serial Killers : The Work Of Satan & Evil Or Just Crazy

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Mja Inc Investigations

Satan : You know where my Heart lye & I come out to your Evil night..


Evil only lives if you stand back & do nothing..


I come to your playground with no fear..The burning in my soul is to stop you from hurting the Innocent..


I meet you at your door : Here is the moment that defines you as a person..


Do I become a Sinner ? & take Justice into my own hands & pull the trigger..




Do I become a Saint ? & call Police to make an arrest..




Do I take a Moment to reflect on the Innocent ?

That you & your evil nature Abducted,Raped, & Murdered ?


You say its all in the name of your god & the evil that breeds,its a hunger or need that cant be controlled...


Here I stand outside your door with gun in hand & yet I ask as I knock on your door :

Do I become a Sinner or do I become a Saint ?