Missing Persons & Unsolved Crimes & Doe's

Mja Inc Investigations : A Search & Rescue & Investigative Group

Mja Inc Investigations

Missing Persons & Unsolved Crimes & The Doe's                                                                                                           " We Speak For The Missing & The Dead "

Mja Inc :

Founded on June 1st  2001

A Home Office in Indiana & New York..

Mja Inc :

Is a Search & Rescue & Investigative Group that works on :

Missing Persons & Unsolved Crimes & John & Jane Doe's

Our Group has a staff who are experts in certain areas to do this type of work....


Our staff includes :

A Public Relations Director

Legal Department

An Ex-Controlled Agent for 11 years working for :



County & Local Law-Enforcement Agencies..

A Security & Case Consultant : Retired Military Police

& UnderCover Agents...


Experts in :

Mapping out Grids for Ground Searches

Conducting Ground Searches

Collecting Evidence

Taking Photo's

Research & Files

Court Hearings

Mental Health

Case & Suspect Profiling....


Our Group has local & national media contacts & we will work hard to get your loved ones case media coverage....

Mja Inc :

Has Law-Enforcement references...

Mja Inc :

Tries to work closely with the victims family members & has references from these families....

Our Group has several cases we are working on at this time & we have shared some success & have hopes to grow in the future....

Mja Inc :

As of 3-26-18 Mja has 44 active staff members & we are working on 102 cases,in 13 different states...

Mja Inc :

Belongs to several crime solving web-sites & groups & post blogs...

Our Group helps with trying to Identify Jane & John Does...

 " We Hope & Pray You Gain What You Seek "


 Our contact Info :

Home Office In New York : 1-518-310-1479

Mja Cell Phone : 1-518-572-4641

E-Mail :




Mja Web-Site Note : Any links on this web-site you cant CLICK ON just copy & paste to your browser & the link will open..Its well worth the time & effort..

Mja Inc Investigations Charter Documents 

 Mja Inc : 6-1-01

Up-dated: 2-16-03 

Mja Inc Charter of Engagement :

There are 3 founding partner's that formed  Mja Inc.They set the ground rules & guide lines for our staff to follow..

Mja Inc works missing persons & unsolved crimes & the doe's...

Mja Inc doesnt promise positive results,all we promise is we will try to help in anyway we can to bring a case to a close..

Two of our founding partner's will meet the public,media,law-enforcement, & families of the victim when its needed..

Mja Inc must protect & respect the privacy of our staff members..

Our method's,contacts, & sources of info must be protected..

If everyone knew our true identities our work & our undercover operations would be compromised..

In return only the family of the victim,who we work for knows our true identity...

Usually this is respected..So Mja Inc can continue to help families that have no where else to turn too...


Our Promise : Mja Inc gives no guarantee's of getting positive results..

What we do promise is : Mja Inc will work on your loved one's case until it is solved and closed.

We will conduct searches for your missing loved one.We will go undercover when needed.

Mja Inc will give advice on how to pursue matters concerning your loved one's case..

We will send you reports of the work being done by Mja Inc to help bring this matter to a close. 

This is at no cost to you or your family..

Mja Inc works for you & your family.You have the final {say so}on everything we do..

Mja Inc only hopes we can help in some way..


Murder 101 

The perfect murder : The poet W.H.Aldin claimed there's no such thing as the perfect murder..

He said"Guilt,man's need to atone was the trader within the gates that would always give them away". 

Question : What about the homicide's that go unsolved each year?

Wouldnt Aldin consider them perfect murder's?

Answer : No,he claimed-its just sloppy detective work..

Aldin's point was : No matter how small,there was always a calling card left behind..

It just took a good pair of eyes to find it..

The crime scene and the body or bodies will reveal these calling cards left behind..

Each slice of evidence collected will fit together to form the puzzle to be solved..

When proven beyond a shadow of a doubt,you will find each slice of evidence formed a story for you to follow..

When approaching a homicide crime scene you must have six senses :

"Hearing,sight,touch,smell,taste,and the last being mental".Using your mental abilities will bring the other five together like a toss salad..

It takes mental & physical abilities to preserve the integrity of the crime scene..The integrity of the crime scene is the up-most importance,so the calling cards left behind will reveal themselves..

The methods used to preserve the integrity of the crime scene & the collecting of evidence are based on some common sense with a scientific twist..

Aldin spoke these words in the early 1900's & this is what Mja Inc follows when working on such cases...


Our Staff Members come from all walks of life..Most of our staff have personal reasons for doing this type of work & many have experience in this line of work..

They give their spare time & money to do the work that needs to be done on any given case..

When Mja was founded on June 1st 2001 in Peru Indiana,two of our 3 founding partners worked for two PaPa Johns Pizza stores for a private owner..Many of our staff worked for PaPa Johns at the time Mja was founded..

Mja has grown during the years & we have added to the services we provide...We have more cases & states of travel,staff,consultants,law enforcement & media contacts..

Mja has contact with other search & rescue groups,missing persons & unsolved crimes web-sites..Many of our staff have their favorite cases,their own contacts & favorite web-sites they visit..

Mja reaches out for help when its needed on any given case..

" Fresh Eyes " could give you a lead or a major break in the case..

We dont play Politic's : Mja loyality is always for the Victim & the Victims Family whom in most cases Mja works for the Victims Family..

Mja Governing Rules


Mja Inc Investigations

This site belongs to Mja Inc Investigations..Some of the things seen & read on this web-site is our company work product..

Mja shares what we can with the Public when we can & when its needed..

Mja respects anyone visiting our site or anyone becoming members of this site if they are serious about our goal..

If their goal is to locate Missing Persons  & Solve Crimes !!!

This is a Crime-Solving - Case Education & Research site..

 No Politic's or internet Trolls on this site..

No Victims & No Victims Family & No one in good-standing with our site will be attacked or displayed in bad taste..

Privacy is also an issue & should be totally respected when its needed..

Mja  Inc : Our Loyality is for the Victim & the Victims  Family ..


An Independant Investigator for Missing Persons & Unsolved Crimes once Wrote:

“ It is my opinion that ANYONE who is trying to do anything in the way of helping with unidentified or missing persons is doing nothing wrong as long as they are not trying to gain monetarily from the families.”

Its Public Record Mja doesnt charge for our Services....